Thursday, December 26, 2013

I don't do it for the glory, I just do it anyway.

I've been more than M.I.A than the last post for personal reasons and sickness, not really running reasons. I've almost been dreading sharing this next piece of me. It's hard for me to really put into words because I am truthfully torn in two completely equal pieces.

A while ago, my brother attempted to enlist in the United States Marine Corps. He was unfortunately turned away for a medical ailment that is not entirely his fault. Six years ago while playing basketball with my boyfriend and their mutual friends he blew out his patella. Like BLEW it out of place. It was floating like one of those candles in water....gross, I know. His Orthopedic Surgeon said he wouldn't ever run again and walking would take over a year, jogging maybe never, maybe years. This kid ran the Hartford Half Marathon in 2012 in the blistering cold and kept around a 7 minute mile. Although he has proved the surgery he had means nothing the injury seems to have plagued him. He wouldn't be medically cleared for the Marines. They are missing out. My feelings were more so of pride and feeling overwhelmingly honored to have a brother who would be willing to put his life on the line. I know the Marines are a brotherhood and without ever knowing who he would be with in his platoon, I trusted that he would be taken care of. Yet, when it didn't turn out how he wanted I was relieved. 

Well while he was vacationing in South Africa he shared with my parents that he had enlisted in the United States Army and the process has gone further along than with the Marines. I am more torn with this journey than with the journey to become a Marine. He is my baby brother after all. I want him taken care of. I am hoping that he gets what he wants with all his heart which is to becoming an American Soldier though. He deserves it. He is an amazing man. (Even if I want to junk-punch him and then break his nose every so often.) Y'all would be proud to have him serving out country.

He could be going to basic training as soon as February and would leave while I am in Florida for the Princess Half Marathon. So, please forgive me if I am a little bi-polar with my emotions from now till then....well and beyond.

I have ALWAYS been a supporter of our military and have the biggest space in my heart. This is now just an even larger piece of me that belongs to them.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Back in the Saddle Again

Okay, So I've been more than M.I.A. since the Wine and Dine Half Marathon in early November. 

I apologize, I have missed you all wayyy too much.

I figured I should recap my life since then to you all can keep up. 

I have been slacking BIG time. But my knee is not good at all. It hurts when I go up and down stairs, when I am standing for long periods of time and sometimes just sitting. I finally got another roll of KT Pro Tape, used it today for work and it was fantastic. Helped during my run tonight as well. I have been taking Ace of Base to my parents house and walking with him and Kemmy Lou while Ryan is in South Africa. I got to talk to him for a short period of time this AM, it sounds like he is having a blast, i'm so excited for him.

Truthfully, I don't know why I've been slacking, because I am very excited about my running goal for next year and know it's not just going to happen by snapping my fingers. It's going to take hard work.

14 half marathons in 2014

I need to stay in shape the entire year to really enjoy and continue to bring my time down. So far I am registered for the Princess Half, Nike Women's Half and the Hogsback Half. Those are guaranteed. I am still looking forward to the Gulf Beach Half, the Surf Town Half, and the ING Hartford Half. That's three I know I'll do because they are all within the state. I still have 8 more I need to add. I'd like to try and stay close to CT for the first half of the year. I am also hoping to do the Wine and Dine Half Marathon again in 2014, it was too much fun to pass up!

Still looking for other options and I'm open to suggestions!

Pittie Express Messenger

I was just accepted at a Pittie Express Messenger for I am so excited to be a part of this great movement. While there is a 5 year plan the overall goal is to eliminate the breed restrictions placed by insurance and housing establishments that ban certain breeds. I have an order of 40 stickers coming in soon and would love to have everyone's support. The stickers should be placed on your car to show support. If you are part of a company and know that your company would love to join this amazing cause let me know too!


Sammy and I will be staying at All Star Sports for Marathon Weekend and will be running in the Inaugural 10k. We are also volunteering for the 5k and were wait-listed for the half marathon volunteering. I think I'll definitely go and spectate though, how cool will it be to actually watch other runners! I'm very impressed with Disney's turn around time too, we customized our bands earlier this week and they came Thursday afternoon! Talk about fast! We are so excited for everything that will happen during this vacation.

#runnerslove Meet-Up

Hopefully by now you have heard about Kristy and my idea for a meet-up fit for a Princess! As of this moment we currently have over 20 companies committed to sharing the love, #runnerslove that is!

Here are some of the fabulous companies you should show some love back to:
KT Tape
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Here is the link to RSVP to our fun filled afternoon! #runnerslove Meet-Up.