Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bizarre Foods with $MikePlat$: Cape Cod Edition

Travel Bug Tuesday

Cape Cod!

This place is a gem. Obviously if you live in New England you know how much of a must visit this place is, but outside of New England I feel like it could possibly be seen as another typical beach vacation spot.

Miguel and I have spent time both in Dennisport and Hyannis. Both locations each with it's pro's and con's.

This post I will talk about Dennisport, I'll save Hyannis for another week.

In Dennisport, we spent time at the Cutty Sark. Which was categorized as a motor lodge, aka Mom and Pop run. I will say as far as a feel for really being on vacation this motor lodge hit the spot. I am in LOVE with it.
Entrance Sign
View from our part of the balcony. We had an 'ocean' view.'
Another view from our room.
Our 5-year anniversary vacation. This is where we could sit and have coffee the windows behind are our room.
Last view of our room. I loved it.

Pro's of the room: our location. 2nd floor, corner room, ocean view, small motel style
Con's of the room: vhs enabled tv....... Communal balcony, can hear kids running no matter which level.

The beach was within walking distance less than 100 feet away. I love this so much, because there is nothing as calming as the smell of the ocean.

Restaurants for both Dennisport and Hyannis that we visited were pretty much the same, there is only about a 30 minute drive between the two. Hyannis does have most of the restaurants right in town though.

A couple of my favorites are:
Go for breakfast...NOTHING ELSE, trust me.
I would drive to Cape Cod for this breakfast alone. Pancakes, with raspberry butter, fresh blueberries and raspberries and a raspberry syrup drizzle. OhEmGee! Please promise me you will try it.

I adore Sam Diego's then again I am pretty sure in one of my past lives I was Mexican....
My meal, chicken enchiladas. OUT OF THIS WORLD
Miguel's meal was enjoyable

We also visited the Black Cat
Only had drinks but I was so excited that I got to go here. Worth it for the cute bar.

Lastly one of the best meals we had was at this place, on Main Street in Hyannis.
Little cards each person gets. Each side means something.
Red means "i'm taking a break"
Green means "bring it on!"
I love him.

A couple videos of our time at this delicious restaurant. This is a must try!
I am so completely head over heels in love with him....
And yes, he did say buon giorno instead of buon appetito... 

Not only was the meal below average, our service was so horrible that I spoke to the manager and when we left no tip, we were confronted rudely and disrespectfully buy our waitress who was non-existent during our entire experience. Management is poor, food is nasty and the attitudes are something I wouldn't revisit if I was paid to. I doubt unless Robert Irvine visited this place it has changed... I have never had a more displeasureable restaurant experience.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Mango Tango

Margarita Monday

We are going Mango tonight!! 

You will need:
1 bag (10 oz) frozen diced mango
1/4 cup lime juice
2/3 cup tequila blanco
2 tb orange liqueur
2 tb superfine sugar 
2 cups ice water

The beautiful part of this concoction is that it is a one blender slice of heaven. Put all the ingredients in, blend and enjoy. It makes about 4 servings so it's great for parties....or well if you had a long day.

this recipe is from Food Network

Friday, April 19, 2013

Time Out

As you can tell since Monday I have not posted...I am taking time to stay quiet.

There is so much going on on the news and well....I do not feel Disney & Margarita postings or anything is respectful. I am taking my silence to respect those who are affected by Marathon Monday's Tragedy.

I will be up and running (pun intended) Monday with Margarita Monday for you all. 

I appreciate your patience and understanding and please if you can even run a mile to show support, it means the world. Do not let these actions instill fear into you. Stay strong.

If you are interested in getting a shirt, bracelet, magnet or bib for Boston, here are a couple of links I noticed.

These all seem reputable but I have no guarantee on it.


Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013 - Pray for Boston

I am completely stunned with today. I have gone through so many emotions from feeling physically ill, to sad, to furious....There are really no words though... 

This is my first marathon season as a runner. I never paid attention to races other than the Manchester Road Race on Thanksgiving. After last night's #runchat I got so pumped that when I got to work I ended up opening the link to watch the marathon live at about 7.30am. I had coworkers and members joking about why I wasn't there, I told them to look for me next year. Again, never really knowing until last night that the Boston Marathon was even today. I didn't know that Patriot's Day was a holiday in Mass and that people had the day off. I didn't know about the traditions of the Red Sox playing a mid morning game...I'm from Connecticut, we don't celebrate anything extra here. Bare minimum people.

Today was kind of a busy day. I wasn't able to be at my desk very long and had to leave the live feed a few times after the women started. But while creating a program guide I listened to the announcers and switched back and forth from Google Chrome to Publisher just to see what was being talked about. I had goosebumps as I watched Caballero pull away and then when I watched Felix catch her AND pass by her I got so excited. I didn't know I would enjoy it so much. Then more work needed to be done and I had to leave the live feed only to come back to see Jeptoo win. Shocking result from where I had stopped watching, but I was so excited to watch what I could. It's an amazing physical feat to complete a race like a marathon. (Plus Jeptoo was at about 5:10 her last mile!!!!! WHAAA?!) That is true talent. if at 25.2 you are able to keep that pace up or even improve it you are good, no doubt about it.

Running is the first time that I feel connected to something that brings millions of people together. I feel protective over it. The two races I did in Disney showed me how kind (and rude) people you've never met before could be. I choose to remember the kind ones, who started up a conversation with me, full well knowing we would never meet up again. It was like I had known those people for years. There was no judgement, no snotty, rudeness. They were happy to share stories and best and worst races. The communities I have found on Twitter, Blogger and Facebook are amazing and although I might have never met some of these people in person feel like I have more in common with them then the majority of people in my life. Runner's just get it.

I am really angry that this happened and wish I could do something more than just wear a race shirt, change my profile picture to my shoes and run 4.09 miles tomorrow. I remember hearing there were both official personnel and runners going towards the blast....that is when I got choked up. Seeing the photos of average, everyday people like me and you helping those in need is exactly what this world needs. Those who said screw my time and went to help are the truest form of hero's our country will ever know; those who had no duty whatsoever to another person. First Responders and Miltary personnel hold a special spot in my heart and I expect them to go above and beyond even what they think they could do, but for someone to take something so individual as a race and make it not about them is....restoring my shattered faith in humanity.

I really hope those involved will be okay. I have a broken heart when I think about the affected families. So although it does not feel like much to me, my race shirt will be on tomorrow and I will run 4.09 miles because whatever the cause of these bombings I will not let them win. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Your Records Never Stood a Chance

Sunday Runday 

This week although kinda crappy and weird, running wise was fantastic. I ran more this week than in weeks past including a huge milestone for me! I ran my first full mile under 10 minutes. It felt amazing!

I also registered for a couple of races.

May 5th  - Girls Just Wanna Run 5k in Litchfield ($20)
May 12th - Mothers Day 5k Dash in Vernon ($15)

September 28th - Hogsback Half Marathon in Colebrook ($30)

These are all within the state and were completely affordable and justifiable. My biggest issue is I cannot justify paying $50 for a 5k here in CT when I could do a 5k in Disney for the same registration fee. Yes, yes I know flight, hotel, etc. but still I am talking about race registration alone. I don't know why but it is that way.

I'm playing with the idea of these next couple of races too because let's be serious... May to September is far too long to wait to not have a race.

April 28th DAWS Run Your Tail Off 5k in Danbury $35 for me and Ace
May 4th Granby Road Race 10k in Granby $25

I am torn between
Ten Penny Ale Shamrock Duathlon and 3.3 Mile Race in Glastonbury $30
Cheshire Sea Dog 5k & 10k Road Race and Healthy Living Expo in Cheshire $25-10k
both on May 19th

June 2nd Amica Iron Horse Half Marathon, 10K, 5K in Simbury $40 - 10k
June 15th Life Without Limits 5k (my first 5k ever) in Manchester $25
July 20th Central CT Pet Fair, Dog Walk and 5k  Meriden, $45 for me and Ace
August 10th Electric Run in East Hartford $45

We'll see how that goes but I really want to do more. I am addicted now.

Covergirl! Put the bass in your walk!

Fashion Friday
*a little late*

I found this website after googling running fashion and now I am obsessed!!! Proud Runner is all about run attire but I want to focus on their socks first. Socks, socks and more socks!

Again.. you know my skull obsession... clockwise skulls and stripes, caffeine,  mini-skulls, and anchors. They have so many more designs too! These do not happen to be compression...or at least they aren't labeled as such. The compression ones they have are just black or white. Kinda boring if you ask me. They should totally do compression in the styles of the knee socks. Oh and did I mention they are $9!!!!!! 

Proud runner also has other goodies: head bands, shirts, stickers

And this....

A PACE TATTOO for $2.99 I have never seen or heard anything like this. So cool. I will definitely be getting this with a pair (or two) of those skull socks.


And I shall leave you with this. Hopefully on your run's you feel as awesome as I do when I hear RuPaul sing "Covergirl".

Thank You United States Government!

So this past week has been all over the place I promise I will still give you Fashion Friday and Sunday Runday by the end of today....

Problem is.... I just got my tax return. EEEEEEE! So I did a couple of things for myself as congratulations gifts for continuing my (somewhat) healthy lifestyle.

A few of my purchased gems are.....

From feedthebreed.com-----Shirt and iPhone case all they had were xl and xxl in teal which upsets me but I will wait for the teal to come in a medium until I buy it as well. Whats different about Feed the Breed is they say purchasing 1 shirt buys food for 19 dogs (a $19 shirt does at least) so I am assuming all proceeds to towards buying food to "Feed The Breed".

From urbansuburbanapparel.com

Also ordered a shirt from Letters For Lucy. I am in love with this baby girl.

Letters For Lucy began in September 201IMG_82232, when Lucy, a Certified Therapy Dog and Canine Good Citizen was banned from a local school because she is a pit bull.  After a successful visit to the school, the Superintendent stated that he read articles about pit bulls and Lucy would not be allowed back in to their therapy program, solely based on the way she looked.  Lucy’s Mom was disheartened to have to tell her daughter that Lucy had a great visit at her school but she couldn’t return because of the way she looked.  When she told her 7-year-old this story, she asked “Mommy, why are they bullying our dog?”  This was such a powerful statement that Lucy’s Mom knew she had to do something about this.  She couldn’t walk away while the  educators of this school taught fear and ignorance.  Letters for Lucy was launched to gather letters of support from local parents and present these to the school.  We did just that, however, in the process, Lucy’s story struck such a cord with people throughout the country as well as across the globe.  Not only were people outraged by the discrimination Lucy faced but also because of the message that was being sent to the children of this school.
Lucy’s mission quickly evolved. Upon completion of addressing the school board by Lucy supporters at the November 2012 meeting, The Lucy Girls had a decision to make. Do they continue to fight the fight and educate for this breed or pack it in? They made the decision to continue on and start a 501(c), non-profit organization. Our mission is to participate in local school dog therapy programs, promotion of positive awareness of pit bulls, participate in the rescue and rehabilitation of dogs, and educate the public on the discrimination from Breed Specific Legislation (BSL).

So this little beaut is mine. <3 Psyched. I love being able to support causes like this!
Plus the quote completely makes the shirt.
 Judging me doesn't define who I am. It defines who you are.

Last but not least, on it's way is this shirt. I am psyched about this because I just register for the Hogsback Half Marathon in September of this year. I am planning on proudly wearing this shirt. The reason I registered for this specific race is because all of the proceeds go to Running for Rescues which is an amazing organization out of CT that raises money and helps with the surgeries, vaccinations and life-saving pulls from shelters of many many animals. They are amazing and local. I will be doing fundraising for them as well and anything else I possibly can do.

I purchased this shirt from Baltimore Bully Crew ...again...they are a pit rescue. Have I shocked you yet with my obsession?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Looking for a new Beau?

Thursday 'Furs'day
*a little late*

Okay, So I'm not sure my real obsession with Bully Breed Rescue but I adore their dogs. I am ticked off I asked them to come to the Canine Cool-Off event I ran this past August and they completely ignored my resquests. But that's fine. The people are not what it is about....

This is another love bug in need of a home.

Meet Beau! Beau is a beautiful blue brindle 3 yr old, 71 lb boy who loves everyone he meets! Beau is super squishy and loves to have his belly rubbed! Though Beau is a big boy, he is SUCH a baby and really loves attention from his human friends. 

This guy is very funny - he sometimes whines when he wants to play and thinks he is a lap dog! His stunning good looks, combined with his loyal personality makes Beau one of a kind. Beau would like to be the only pet in his new home and would do best in a home with an experienced bully owner. (DO NOT LET THIS DISCOURAGE YOU!)

If you are interested in Beau, please contact bbrct@yahoo.com. Adoption application, references, and home visit required. Adoption fee is $200.

Before you cringe and say "ugh, he looks too tough." "no way, not with cropped ears, he looks mean and scary." think about what kind of a say Beau had in having his ears cropped...he did not ask for that, trust me, no one would ask for it. It was whatever moron took him as a little puppy and wanted him to look a certain way. Give him a chance. 

This is the only chance you can actually buy someone's unconditional love...these adoptable dogs want to be part of a forever family.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

runDisney updates!

Walt Disney World Wednesday
*a little late*

Because I am on this HUGE runDisney kick, ANNNNNNNNNNND I just registered for the Inaugural 10k in January I am going to highlight the new changes runDisney has rolled out.

It seems they really have listened to runners over the last year.

Not only is the Dopey Challenge New (4 races, 48.6 miles, 4 days, 6 medals)
The 10k was added - Sold out in record time! I think it was about 7 hours or something

- They are reducing the number of runners allowed to register, which is going to help tremendously with the crowding on the course.

- They are asking for proof of time and a cut off date for submitting that time so people are correctly placed and the movement of corrals is done and set months in advance. (THANK YOU!)

- They are spreading out the corrals so there are less people starting at the same time and people are able to be spaced out. There are certain bottle-necking areas that can get very dangerous.

- They are keeping the course from last years 20th anniversary course. 

- They are adding a women's tech shirt for the 10k, half marathon, full marathon and of course Goofy Challenge and Dopey Challenge. Women Power! I actually do not care if it is a men's shirt or a women's shirt, but I understand how some women feel. I am happy there is an option now at least.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hi my name is Meg and I'm a runDisneyholic

Travel Bug Tuesday...
has been interrupted by runDisney registration day!

okay.....so either I need to invent something worth a lot of money or I need to move to Florida like....yesterday.

I have been thinking about the Dopey Challenge and the introduction of a 10k to the Marathon Weekend in January 2014 since it was announced 2 and a half weeks ago and I actually saved for it! I did make a last minute call to Miguel as I was on the submit page with a minor panic attack asking if I should hit submit.... He said I should do it so I did. I woke up 2 Saturdays in a row to sit on Finish Line and Foot Locker websites to help him get Jordan Retro (insert number here). So he gave me the smart answer.

I'm so excited!!!

I really wanted the Dopey Challenge but financially I cannot afford the cost associated with it. Sad day for my addiction. I am very excited however that I am part of an inaugural race! AND! I have talked my parents into participating into the Princess Half Marathon weekend 5k. So today was (somewhat) of a win-win situation.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Mallow Madness

Margarita Monday

One of my favorite shows on television is Bar Rescue. When marathons of it are on, I am glued to my television until another show turns up. If John Taffer knows one thing it is BARS. I always find it interesting how messed up management usually is on these shows and how he doesn't care about feelings. Feelings don't matter when you are already $500,000 in debt. He not only knows what he is talking about but he always brings in an experienced chef and an expert mixologist. The mixologist in the this episode at the bar Murphy's Law made up the Marshmallow Margarita.

I have yet to make this myself. (Friday's payday will help this come true.) Once I do I will update this post.

You will need:

a shaker
1.25 oz Smirnoff Fluffed Marshmallow

.25 oz Cuervo Gold
.75 oz lime juice
.5 oz triple sec

Shake and strain, serve on the rocks.  Serve in a rocks glass or martini glass.

(This recipe is taken from Night Club.com)


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Concrete Shoes Won't Help In A River

Sunday Runday

So Miguel had this week off. And it felt like the beginning of my training all over again (August 2012). I haven't been doing so well with eating healthy so the 2 runs we went on I felt like I was wearing weighted sneakers. It was so nice to have him run with Ace though because Ace is SO much faster than I am and it's difficult for me to pace myself. After the Princess Half I kinda went downhill (pun intended) on my exercise and diet. I need to get myself back together. I am probably going to do another detox. The amount of carbs and cheese in my system is probably a big issue. I am having trouble waking up, staying awake and then getting the energy for the daily mileage I need to do.

This week we did 2 5k runs.

I wish I had felt better during them.

This upcoming week I hope to do 5 miles each run.

Sugar Skulls

Fashion Friday
*a little late*

Found a brand new website (to me at least) that has awesome tech shirts. Of course you know this one is my favorite! The website is call Ink N Burn.

$49.95 for the short sleeve, $69.95 for the long sleeve 

It is a little pricey for my own wallet BUT I can definitely tell you I will be buying one with my tax return. I feel like tech shirts are always going to be a little more expensive because of the material and the quality. I love that then emphasize the tag being 'burned' into the material so there is nothing to irritate you while running.

Check out their website www.inknburn.com they have a ton of other items to buy from jackets to head bands and more.

Happiness is a warm puppy.

Thursday "Furs"day
* a little late*

So, as you can read in my mini-bio to the right of the posts I am obsessed with pits. Yes, I know it's not a breed, it's a broad term, it doesn't matter to me, what matters is getting people's attention.

A couple months ago here in southern Connecticut officials broke up a small fighting ring. When was the last time you heard about a pug being pulled from one of these things?......Yeah. Didn't think so. It is always pit bulls or those that look like them. I cannot actually put into words my disgust for this. There is nothing more cowardly than dog fighting. And few actions speak louder to a persons character. 

Since last year, when Ace my own part-pit son came into my life, I have been keeping an eye on pit bull rescues. There are more than any other kind of rescue it seems. These are the most misunderstood and abused dogs in the world. Bully Breed Rescue out of southern CT has been a name that has popped up verbally as well as on the internet.

This little baby is Seven. Her bio reads as this.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case, that may be true. Look at Seven now. Kissing one of our volunteers and loving life. This is a very different dog from back in February when we picked her up off the street in Bridgeport, bleeding, emaciated and with serious injuries, including two broken legs. She had been left to die and people were seen kicking the cardboard box she lay in. 

We weren't sure that she would make it through the night or that she would ever be able to run and jump and enjoy life in a deserving home. But, Seven is a survivor. With a lot of help from her doctors and love from her foster family, Seven has recovered and blossomed into a beautiful young girl who loves to run like a Greyhound. At just 45 pounds, she is petite and sweet. 

Seven has come such a very long way. She is a sweet, happy dog now. Her physical scars have healed and her emotional ones are healing too. Seven likes to be with people and would prefer a home where she can receive a lot of attention. Seven is estimated to be just under a year old. She is full of energy and likes other dogs - she lives with a male Pit mix in her foster home and they are great friends. Seven has been through so much – now she just wants a soft place to be - a place to call home, forever. 

Seven is fostered in Norwalk, Connecticut and is available for adoption to homes in the local area. 

If you are interested in welcoming Seven into your family, please contact adoptions@bullybreedrescueinc.org 

Bully Breed Rescue - www.bbrinc.org

Please even if she is not your ideal dog, please at least adopt and don't 'buy' a dog. There are so many murdered each day because they are unwanted. Your local shelter typically has adoption fees for as little at $50 (here in CT). That is a literal STEAL. Spending $500 on a pure bred dog doesn't mean you are getting a 'better dog'. You'd be surprised how many shelter dogs are pure bred dogs that are just thrown away.

Are you MO' ROCKIN!?!?

*a little late*

If you love EPCOT as much as I do then you are just as excited about the news coming from Morocco! Although I will admit Morocco is my least favorite of all the countries it is slowly impressing me as I grow older. This last October I actually spent more time walking around Morocco with my cousin than in previous years.

If you didn't know, Morocco's construction in World Showcase is the only pavilion that had help from its countries government. From the layout to the actual architecture the Moroccan government created a small replica of it's most celebrated and famous attributes in Walt Disney World.

The tile work and attention to detail is what has really peaked my interest.

The outfits are what got my fathers attention.....

So apparently what is happening is that a new restaurant is being added to Morocco. They are calling it the Spice Road Table. I am excited about this because they are saying it will consist of small plates of food and I can hardly wait for the beverages they will have as well. Now to be completely honest, I have never ingested food or drink from Morocco as of this moment. But within the last couple months I have been attempting lots of 'firsts' when it comes to food consumption. I feel my next trip to EPCOT will consist of a real effort put into trying the food and drink in Morocco.

If the phone's for me, you can tell 'em I just sailed away!

* a little late*

Ever since I was very young my parents have spoiled me with yearly (if not more than that) trips to Walt Disney World. Florida holds a soft spot in my heart. But it isn't just visiting the Mouse that draws me to Florida.

Jupiter, Florida is one of my favorite spots on earth.

Jupiter is (in my opinion) one of the hidden gems of the Florida Coastline. It has everything: gorgeous beaches, amazing restaurants and is both dog friendly and turtle friendly.

Jupiter, FL is famous for its nesting grounds for Loggerhead Turtles. These gorgeous beasts come ashore in the dead of night and bury their eggs.  When I was in sixth grade my family waiting quietly and patiently for a momma loggerhead to dig a very deep hole in the sand and lay her eggs, it is one of the most amazing experiences I have ever been a part of. The town of Jupiter along the shore has light and sound laws to make it the best surroundings for these mothers to be. After the mother lays her eggs a group of volunteers from (possibly, just a guess) the Loggerhead MarineLife Center ropes off the areas.

Once I turned 21 my family was able to go during our week in June (now that both my brother and I were in college). I was able to adopt a loggerhead named Carlisle. 

I'm sorry if the pictures are bad quality. It was before I was graced with the iPhone.

Yes it is located in Juno, not Jupiter but the two are so close I don't bother to separate them.
They take their turtles seriously.
Manatee sightings are normal.  

Even the sunrises are better!

The last little bit of awesomeness I will give you is the Square Grouper. 

Alan Jackson is notorious for playing here. Oh and if you didn't think you have ever seen or heard of Juipter, FL before just take a gander at this little 'somewhat popular' country video. His boat is off the shore of Jupiter in front of our time share Jupiter Reef Club and the rest of the video at a bar is the Square Grouper. Actually, the owner Jimmy Burg is seen in the video talking to Alan. Jimmy is absolutely one of the coolest guys. If you have a chance to meet him do it. Make your way to 1111 Love Street in Jupiter and trust me you will fall in love with his place.