Sunday, April 7, 2013

Are you MO' ROCKIN!?!?

*a little late*

If you love EPCOT as much as I do then you are just as excited about the news coming from Morocco! Although I will admit Morocco is my least favorite of all the countries it is slowly impressing me as I grow older. This last October I actually spent more time walking around Morocco with my cousin than in previous years.

If you didn't know, Morocco's construction in World Showcase is the only pavilion that had help from its countries government. From the layout to the actual architecture the Moroccan government created a small replica of it's most celebrated and famous attributes in Walt Disney World.

The tile work and attention to detail is what has really peaked my interest.

The outfits are what got my fathers attention.....

So apparently what is happening is that a new restaurant is being added to Morocco. They are calling it the Spice Road Table. I am excited about this because they are saying it will consist of small plates of food and I can hardly wait for the beverages they will have as well. Now to be completely honest, I have never ingested food or drink from Morocco as of this moment. But within the last couple months I have been attempting lots of 'firsts' when it comes to food consumption. I feel my next trip to EPCOT will consist of a real effort put into trying the food and drink in Morocco.

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  1. I LOVE Morocco! It's one of my favorites in World Showcase! I hadn't heard of the new restaurant, I'll have to go read up about it. I cannot go to Epcot without eating at Tangeriene Cafe there...I LOVE it! Can you tell I love it??? ;)