Sunday, April 7, 2013

Concrete Shoes Won't Help In A River

Sunday Runday

So Miguel had this week off. And it felt like the beginning of my training all over again (August 2012). I haven't been doing so well with eating healthy so the 2 runs we went on I felt like I was wearing weighted sneakers. It was so nice to have him run with Ace though because Ace is SO much faster than I am and it's difficult for me to pace myself. After the Princess Half I kinda went downhill (pun intended) on my exercise and diet. I need to get myself back together. I am probably going to do another detox. The amount of carbs and cheese in my system is probably a big issue. I am having trouble waking up, staying awake and then getting the energy for the daily mileage I need to do.

This week we did 2 5k runs.

I wish I had felt better during them.

This upcoming week I hope to do 5 miles each run.

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