Friday, April 12, 2013

Looking for a new Beau?

Thursday 'Furs'day
*a little late*

Okay, So I'm not sure my real obsession with Bully Breed Rescue but I adore their dogs. I am ticked off I asked them to come to the Canine Cool-Off event I ran this past August and they completely ignored my resquests. But that's fine. The people are not what it is about....

This is another love bug in need of a home.

Meet Beau! Beau is a beautiful blue brindle 3 yr old, 71 lb boy who loves everyone he meets! Beau is super squishy and loves to have his belly rubbed! Though Beau is a big boy, he is SUCH a baby and really loves attention from his human friends. 

This guy is very funny - he sometimes whines when he wants to play and thinks he is a lap dog! His stunning good looks, combined with his loyal personality makes Beau one of a kind. Beau would like to be the only pet in his new home and would do best in a home with an experienced bully owner. (DO NOT LET THIS DISCOURAGE YOU!)

If you are interested in Beau, please contact Adoption application, references, and home visit required. Adoption fee is $200.

Before you cringe and say "ugh, he looks too tough." "no way, not with cropped ears, he looks mean and scary." think about what kind of a say Beau had in having his ears cropped...he did not ask for that, trust me, no one would ask for it. It was whatever moron took him as a little puppy and wanted him to look a certain way. Give him a chance. 

This is the only chance you can actually buy someone's unconditional love...these adoptable dogs want to be part of a forever family.


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  1. He's so cute!!! I hope he finds a wonderful forever home.