Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013 - Pray for Boston

I am completely stunned with today. I have gone through so many emotions from feeling physically ill, to sad, to furious....There are really no words though... 

This is my first marathon season as a runner. I never paid attention to races other than the Manchester Road Race on Thanksgiving. After last night's #runchat I got so pumped that when I got to work I ended up opening the link to watch the marathon live at about 7.30am. I had coworkers and members joking about why I wasn't there, I told them to look for me next year. Again, never really knowing until last night that the Boston Marathon was even today. I didn't know that Patriot's Day was a holiday in Mass and that people had the day off. I didn't know about the traditions of the Red Sox playing a mid morning game...I'm from Connecticut, we don't celebrate anything extra here. Bare minimum people.

Today was kind of a busy day. I wasn't able to be at my desk very long and had to leave the live feed a few times after the women started. But while creating a program guide I listened to the announcers and switched back and forth from Google Chrome to Publisher just to see what was being talked about. I had goosebumps as I watched Caballero pull away and then when I watched Felix catch her AND pass by her I got so excited. I didn't know I would enjoy it so much. Then more work needed to be done and I had to leave the live feed only to come back to see Jeptoo win. Shocking result from where I had stopped watching, but I was so excited to watch what I could. It's an amazing physical feat to complete a race like a marathon. (Plus Jeptoo was at about 5:10 her last mile!!!!! WHAAA?!) That is true talent. if at 25.2 you are able to keep that pace up or even improve it you are good, no doubt about it.

Running is the first time that I feel connected to something that brings millions of people together. I feel protective over it. The two races I did in Disney showed me how kind (and rude) people you've never met before could be. I choose to remember the kind ones, who started up a conversation with me, full well knowing we would never meet up again. It was like I had known those people for years. There was no judgement, no snotty, rudeness. They were happy to share stories and best and worst races. The communities I have found on Twitter, Blogger and Facebook are amazing and although I might have never met some of these people in person feel like I have more in common with them then the majority of people in my life. Runner's just get it.

I am really angry that this happened and wish I could do something more than just wear a race shirt, change my profile picture to my shoes and run 4.09 miles tomorrow. I remember hearing there were both official personnel and runners going towards the blast....that is when I got choked up. Seeing the photos of average, everyday people like me and you helping those in need is exactly what this world needs. Those who said screw my time and went to help are the truest form of hero's our country will ever know; those who had no duty whatsoever to another person. First Responders and Miltary personnel hold a special spot in my heart and I expect them to go above and beyond even what they think they could do, but for someone to take something so individual as a race and make it not about them is....restoring my shattered faith in humanity.

I really hope those involved will be okay. I have a broken heart when I think about the affected families. So although it does not feel like much to me, my race shirt will be on tomorrow and I will run 4.09 miles because whatever the cause of these bombings I will not let them win. 

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  1. Meg, I feel just the same! I'll be running tomorrow as well.