Thursday, April 11, 2013

runDisney updates!

Walt Disney World Wednesday
*a little late*

Because I am on this HUGE runDisney kick, ANNNNNNNNNNND I just registered for the Inaugural 10k in January I am going to highlight the new changes runDisney has rolled out.

It seems they really have listened to runners over the last year.

Not only is the Dopey Challenge New (4 races, 48.6 miles, 4 days, 6 medals)
The 10k was added - Sold out in record time! I think it was about 7 hours or something

- They are reducing the number of runners allowed to register, which is going to help tremendously with the crowding on the course.

- They are asking for proof of time and a cut off date for submitting that time so people are correctly placed and the movement of corrals is done and set months in advance. (THANK YOU!)

- They are spreading out the corrals so there are less people starting at the same time and people are able to be spaced out. There are certain bottle-necking areas that can get very dangerous.

- They are keeping the course from last years 20th anniversary course. 

- They are adding a women's tech shirt for the 10k, half marathon, full marathon and of course Goofy Challenge and Dopey Challenge. Women Power! I actually do not care if it is a men's shirt or a women's shirt, but I understand how some women feel. I am happy there is an option now at least.


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