Sunday, April 14, 2013

Your Records Never Stood a Chance

Sunday Runday 

This week although kinda crappy and weird, running wise was fantastic. I ran more this week than in weeks past including a huge milestone for me! I ran my first full mile under 10 minutes. It felt amazing!

I also registered for a couple of races.

May 5th  - Girls Just Wanna Run 5k in Litchfield ($20)
May 12th - Mothers Day 5k Dash in Vernon ($15)

September 28th - Hogsback Half Marathon in Colebrook ($30)

These are all within the state and were completely affordable and justifiable. My biggest issue is I cannot justify paying $50 for a 5k here in CT when I could do a 5k in Disney for the same registration fee. Yes, yes I know flight, hotel, etc. but still I am talking about race registration alone. I don't know why but it is that way.

I'm playing with the idea of these next couple of races too because let's be serious... May to September is far too long to wait to not have a race.

April 28th DAWS Run Your Tail Off 5k in Danbury $35 for me and Ace
May 4th Granby Road Race 10k in Granby $25

I am torn between
Ten Penny Ale Shamrock Duathlon and 3.3 Mile Race in Glastonbury $30
Cheshire Sea Dog 5k & 10k Road Race and Healthy Living Expo in Cheshire $25-10k
both on May 19th

June 2nd Amica Iron Horse Half Marathon, 10K, 5K in Simbury $40 - 10k
June 15th Life Without Limits 5k (my first 5k ever) in Manchester $25
July 20th Central CT Pet Fair, Dog Walk and 5k  Meriden, $45 for me and Ace
August 10th Electric Run in East Hartford $45

We'll see how that goes but I really want to do more. I am addicted now.


  1. I understand your frustration, but in a different way...the races where I live are cheap, but RARE. On top of that I'm always having to pay twice for registration because my son runs with me! I have a 5K in May (not even chip timed! it's for a good charity though, so we wanted to run it) a 10K June 1st and then don't have another race until OCTOBER when we do another 10K! Sheesh! I'm signed up for some virtual races, but obviously those are just for fun/charity. I hope you can decide on some that keep your summer full!

  2. I think you should definitely do the Life without Limits 5k (because it was your first...only fitting!!)

    I want to do the Electric Run, I'm just holding off in case for whatever reason we happen to move before August.

    I think I may do that Mother's Day 5k with you's a good price...and its on my birthday wooo!!