Sunday, April 14, 2013

Covergirl! Put the bass in your walk!

Fashion Friday
*a little late*

I found this website after googling running fashion and now I am obsessed!!! Proud Runner is all about run attire but I want to focus on their socks first. Socks, socks and more socks!

Again.. you know my skull obsession... clockwise skulls and stripes, caffeine,  mini-skulls, and anchors. They have so many more designs too! These do not happen to be compression...or at least they aren't labeled as such. The compression ones they have are just black or white. Kinda boring if you ask me. They should totally do compression in the styles of the knee socks. Oh and did I mention they are $9!!!!!! 

Proud runner also has other goodies: head bands, shirts, stickers

And this....

A PACE TATTOO for $2.99 I have never seen or heard anything like this. So cool. I will definitely be getting this with a pair (or two) of those skull socks.


And I shall leave you with this. Hopefully on your run's you feel as awesome as I do when I hear RuPaul sing "Covergirl".

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