Monday, April 1, 2013

"I know every mile will be worth my while."

So as you have noticed I changed the layout a bit. I got kinda tired of the skulls and hearts. And to me Sleeping Beauty is the ultimate "Runaway Royalty" story.  It also happens to be my favorite Disney movie and Princess Aurora is my favorite princess.

I have been trying to play around with the layout/template but I am getting seriously frustrated. I read on another blog, Frugal Beautiful, that you should have a clear definition of what you want your blog to be about, generic templates make it hard for you to get noticed by brands and companies and can make people disinterested. I would love to go down that route where I could be asked to give my opinion on certain products or events. (I do it anyway.) But then reading more about what Shannyn at Frugal Beautiful was talking about you should also make your posts understandable. So that got me thinking...what could help me blog more and get people to think "hey I am interested in what this crazy woman is going to say next". I have come up with daily themes.

Margarita Monday- First of all I loathe Mondays and I worship Margaritas. So each Monday I will have a new margarita recipe to help myself (and hopefully you) forget that Monday begins the work week.

Travel Bug Tuesday- Places where there are running events and other fun things to do around the US.

Walt Disney World Wednesday- Either could be a recap of part of a trip I went on or something new coming up in the Wonderful World Walt created.

Thursday "Furs"day- I will post a puppy (I use that term for every single dog I see no matter the age) that needs a good home. Rescue dogs only. I don't support breeders.

Fashion Friday- With regards to workout clothes. It could be a splurge item or a great bargin that I have found!

Saturday- Under Construction

Sunday Runday- I will update on my week of running


In my travels to find a race closer and sooner than Disney's Wine and Dine Half Marathon I have been searching some blogs that I started following. One I am particularly psyched about is this 5 by the 5th idea.  I will admit I didn't really get it at first, but when I asked for more information I was routed to Mommy Run Fast and made more sense of it. You are to run either a 5k or 5 miles by the 5th of each month. You then go to Mommy Run Fast's blog and if you log it in with her there you get entered in a drawing to win some pretty great prizes. I wish I had noticed it early, but I am ready for April! My goal is 5 miles. We will see!


  1. LOVE your choices for days! ALL of them are right up my alley!

    1. Thank you! I am still thinking about Saturday. Tough Choices!