Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thank You United States Government!

So this past week has been all over the place I promise I will still give you Fashion Friday and Sunday Runday by the end of today....

Problem is.... I just got my tax return. EEEEEEE! So I did a couple of things for myself as congratulations gifts for continuing my (somewhat) healthy lifestyle.

A few of my purchased gems are.....

From and iPhone case all they had were xl and xxl in teal which upsets me but I will wait for the teal to come in a medium until I buy it as well. Whats different about Feed the Breed is they say purchasing 1 shirt buys food for 19 dogs (a $19 shirt does at least) so I am assuming all proceeds to towards buying food to "Feed The Breed".


Also ordered a shirt from Letters For Lucy. I am in love with this baby girl.

Letters For Lucy began in September 201IMG_82232, when Lucy, a Certified Therapy Dog and Canine Good Citizen was banned from a local school because she is a pit bull.  After a successful visit to the school, the Superintendent stated that he read articles about pit bulls and Lucy would not be allowed back in to their therapy program, solely based on the way she looked.  Lucy’s Mom was disheartened to have to tell her daughter that Lucy had a great visit at her school but she couldn’t return because of the way she looked.  When she told her 7-year-old this story, she asked “Mommy, why are they bullying our dog?”  This was such a powerful statement that Lucy’s Mom knew she had to do something about this.  She couldn’t walk away while the  educators of this school taught fear and ignorance.  Letters for Lucy was launched to gather letters of support from local parents and present these to the school.  We did just that, however, in the process, Lucy’s story struck such a cord with people throughout the country as well as across the globe.  Not only were people outraged by the discrimination Lucy faced but also because of the message that was being sent to the children of this school.
Lucy’s mission quickly evolved. Upon completion of addressing the school board by Lucy supporters at the November 2012 meeting, The Lucy Girls had a decision to make. Do they continue to fight the fight and educate for this breed or pack it in? They made the decision to continue on and start a 501(c), non-profit organization. Our mission is to participate in local school dog therapy programs, promotion of positive awareness of pit bulls, participate in the rescue and rehabilitation of dogs, and educate the public on the discrimination from Breed Specific Legislation (BSL).

So this little beaut is mine. <3 Psyched. I love being able to support causes like this!
Plus the quote completely makes the shirt.
 Judging me doesn't define who I am. It defines who you are.

Last but not least, on it's way is this shirt. I am psyched about this because I just register for the Hogsback Half Marathon in September of this year. I am planning on proudly wearing this shirt. The reason I registered for this specific race is because all of the proceeds go to Running for Rescues which is an amazing organization out of CT that raises money and helps with the surgeries, vaccinations and life-saving pulls from shelters of many many animals. They are amazing and local. I will be doing fundraising for them as well and anything else I possibly can do.

I purchased this shirt from Baltimore Bully Crew ...again...they are a pit rescue. Have I shocked you yet with my obsession?


  1. Whooohooo for tax returns! Nice choices Meg! I love them. I almost took a picture of one of my client's pit bulls yesterday to show you. He's such a fantastic dog, I have a few clients who have them and they are all so wonderful and loving.

    1. AHHHH I am seriously obsessed!! I would love to see him!