Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bizarre Foods with $MikePlat$: Cape Cod Edition

Travel Bug Tuesday

Cape Cod!

This place is a gem. Obviously if you live in New England you know how much of a must visit this place is, but outside of New England I feel like it could possibly be seen as another typical beach vacation spot.

Miguel and I have spent time both in Dennisport and Hyannis. Both locations each with it's pro's and con's.

This post I will talk about Dennisport, I'll save Hyannis for another week.

In Dennisport, we spent time at the Cutty Sark. Which was categorized as a motor lodge, aka Mom and Pop run. I will say as far as a feel for really being on vacation this motor lodge hit the spot. I am in LOVE with it.
Entrance Sign
View from our part of the balcony. We had an 'ocean' view.'
Another view from our room.
Our 5-year anniversary vacation. This is where we could sit and have coffee the windows behind are our room.
Last view of our room. I loved it.

Pro's of the room: our location. 2nd floor, corner room, ocean view, small motel style
Con's of the room: vhs enabled tv....... Communal balcony, can hear kids running no matter which level.

The beach was within walking distance less than 100 feet away. I love this so much, because there is nothing as calming as the smell of the ocean.

Restaurants for both Dennisport and Hyannis that we visited were pretty much the same, there is only about a 30 minute drive between the two. Hyannis does have most of the restaurants right in town though.

A couple of my favorites are:
Go for breakfast...NOTHING ELSE, trust me.
I would drive to Cape Cod for this breakfast alone. Pancakes, with raspberry butter, fresh blueberries and raspberries and a raspberry syrup drizzle. OhEmGee! Please promise me you will try it.

I adore Sam Diego's then again I am pretty sure in one of my past lives I was Mexican....
My meal, chicken enchiladas. OUT OF THIS WORLD
Miguel's meal was enjoyable

We also visited the Black Cat
Only had drinks but I was so excited that I got to go here. Worth it for the cute bar.

Lastly one of the best meals we had was at this place, on Main Street in Hyannis.
Little cards each person gets. Each side means something.
Red means "i'm taking a break"
Green means "bring it on!"
I love him.

A couple videos of our time at this delicious restaurant. This is a must try!
I am so completely head over heels in love with him....
And yes, he did say buon giorno instead of buon appetito... 

Not only was the meal below average, our service was so horrible that I spoke to the manager and when we left no tip, we were confronted rudely and disrespectfully buy our waitress who was non-existent during our entire experience. Management is poor, food is nasty and the attitudes are something I wouldn't revisit if I was paid to. I doubt unless Robert Irvine visited this place it has changed... I have never had a more displeasureable restaurant experience.

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