Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Race Brook Rocking Road Race 5k Recap

 So I have to begin with this photo...my baby watching me leave. He gave me many good bye kisses.

GPS told me it would take an hour and 5 minutes to get to Orange, CT from where I started....only took me 45 minutes. Which worked out really well because I got a great parking space at the most adorable Elementary School in Connecticut. It wasn't overly modern and wasn't outdated. It was so cute. The kind of school you'd be proud to work at or have your children attend.

So I will be completely honest...the two biggest reasons for doing this race are...the price of it, and the fact the schools mascot is a raccoon playing a guitar...I'm sold. I love raccoons  It's a problem. I realize that now. 

They had these signs up everywhere.

Race registration was clearly located, the women running the table seemed kind enough, they knew what they were doing and were pleasant. 

How cute is this....I'm in love.

 Tech shirt and bib...look how fabulous it is!!! It is officially my favorite of all my race shirts. Soft, light weight, simple.

 Take away bag, a razor, pens, Chili's gift certificate for a free kids dinner (might help if I had kids), I really was impressed with the number of sponsors they had. Great job to the parents who worked so hard.

This view right here gave me chills....I am so proud to live in this country...and as much as I would love to get out of Connecticut one day I am proud to say this state is my home.

So the race....

The start line was NOT identifiable other than 'raccoon prints' on the pavement, cute idea unless, well, you can't see the pavement. The principle of the school made a short speech to let us know 50% of the proceeds would be going to the Sandy Hook PTA. Incredibly generous gesture considering how many people showed up and the sponsorship they had for the event. The race started with a conch shell. All the runners were as confused as I was. The race started slowly but everyone around me picked up pace fast. 

(I myself had not run since the Wednesday before the Wednesday before the race....about a week and a half. My week sucked. I booked myself to be in too many places at the same time and worked 12 hour days Monday-Friday and then 7 hours on Sunday. Saturday, race day was my only day off...I didn't eat very healthy...and well the cherry on my pre-race week was that my best friend was moving to Florida and was leaving Saturday....so obviously I drank a bottle of champagne Friday night...you know....the night BEFORE my race because I was...am, sad. I wish I could have the same get up and go that she does for her dreams. I'm really impressed by her.)

So my pace was round a 10:45-11 mm...I felt like molasses. The course was open. I have to admit that prior to actually beginning the race and seeing cars out on the road I didn't know what 'OPEN' meant. Apparently an open course is one where very few, if any of the roads are closed to runners. So those wearing headsets were shocking to me, cars where at every turn and driveway. About Mile 1 there was water, but I didn't take anything because I was only about 10 minutes in....Mile 1.75 there was water...again, didn't realize it would come up so fast that I didn't get a chance to take anything with my water. I was hoping another water station would show up. It didn't. I walked a couple times, maybe 5 in total. And I would only walk 2 house lengths and then pick it back up. I ran every hill like a champ. I have to make sure I say that, becuase usually I wimp out on hills. I like to use them as my 'walk breaks'. But there were so many that I wasn't about to let my time suffer. Once 2.75 miles came around I started passing people with my energy reserve, a very small amount of energy left, but it was still there. 

At the point I started passing people I ended up pacing with a father and daughter. The little girl had to be about 8 maybe 10 years old. The father turned to her and said, "this is where everyone else gives up...this is where you give it all, never quit". His daughter turned to him, a friend of hers jumped on the course and she started sprinting. I turned to him and told him I thought he was a good Dad. I thanked him for instilling some sort of drive into his daughter as someone that might hire her one day. He blushed, (or was dying from heat exhaustion, pick one) and thanked me, said he was doing the best he could. They crossed the finish, then I crossed. I looked up at my time..........34:something...ugh. Really, 34?!? I had wanted my post Vernon Mothers Day 5k Race to break 30 minutes.....After feeling really bad for myself for about oh 10 steps children in the back of a truck gave me some water and I found the food tent. 

All the way in the back to the left, in black with my favorite pink shoes.

Subway donated easily 100 foot long subs and cookies, there were orange slices (my favorite) and of course....the holy grail, the most beautiful loaf of Olive Oil Ciabatta bread...and yes, I did go back and get two. 

I sat down, stretched, ate and hung around waiting for them to call top age finishers.....then I occurred to me. If I didn't meet my own best time, then there is no way I ended up top 3. I walked back to my car content with the fact that even after the week from hell I followed through with my race. I feel like I've got my drive back. I'm pretty excited.
 Do you see what I see?! PUPPYTIME!

Typical after race car & bib shot. A big shout out to Urban Suburban Apparel. I am wearing their Don't Bully My Breed shirt. Also had to have my black glittery Sweaty Band on for my race.

All in all I will definitely be doing this race next year, good course, good food, good swag, good people, great cause.


  1. Awww Meg, he's so cute looking out the window at you!!! I just wanna hug him every time you post a picture! That shirt is too cute. I'm glad you pushed through it and are feeling your drive back! I've had a bit of a down week and can't seem to snap out of it. My solution is to head out super early this morning, all by myself, and run it off! Too bad I can't run 24/7. LOL

    1. hahaha Thank you Karen, He makes me smile constantly. The guilt he gives me though when I leave is crippling... I'm really obsessed. He likes to give hugs too so beware if you ever meet him haha.

      I'm sorry you're feeling that way too. I'm running today to prep for my 10k. I'm already smiling now that I have a couple days off. It's such an amazing feeling.

    2. He's seriously adorable. I love that you are obsessed, out where I live, I don't come across that many animal advocates/lovers, even in my line of work. It warms my heart!

      I'm feeling much better today, I was just stressing about too much all at once. I'm not due to run this morning but feel like it anyway, so that's what I'll do! Hope you had a good run!!

    3. Hahahah He says thank you! and I say thank you. I get many weird looks when I tell stories about him and people go "how long ago did you have him" and I have to say...no I'm talking about my dog, I don't have children.....awkward....hahah

      There are a good number of people in CT who are as insane as I am, luckily my friends put up with me.

      I'm glad you are feeling better! Always go with what your body tells you. I never went by a plan I just thought "hey I'd like to run 5 today...oh wow, 5 already, okay another 2 miles it is then." I found that pushing myself when I had that little bit extra helped me big time for the Princess Half. You'll do amazing at it!

  2. Great job Meg! So glad you have your drive back!! :) Have a great week!

    1. Thank you Lauren! I'm glad it's back too! Now that I have some time off it will be a great week! I hope your week is good too!

  3. Looks like an incredibly well-organized local race. Love the racoons too! It's so hard leaving the house when my dog looks at me like that! Dogs are the best :)

    1. I was seriously impressed by the volunteers and school staff. Plus they are active on their facebook page answering questions, posting photos, it's such a relief to have competent people. haha

      Isn't it heart breaking...I know he does it on purpose. What kind of dog do you have?

  4. Good job! This race sounds amazing! I love races with lots of swag that are well run. Who doesn't, right? Anyway, congrats on racing even though your week was super tough. :)

    1. The race was close to a week ago and the organizers have stayed in contact with me just by reading this post and my Facebook comments, I am so floored, it makes the fact I missed out meeting their Racey the Racoon much easier to handle haha.
      I have to admit I didn't expect a swag bag with good stuff in it, but I'm a nerd, give me pink & purple pens and ill love you haha.

      Thank you for the encouragement, I feel like I'm out of the dark metaphorically, it's been raining here for a week. I'm so pumped and excited again!

  5. Hi Meg,
    That race sounded like it was very well organized and for a great cause, and lots of goodies too!

    I love that you are obsessed with your dog. You sound like me, I LOVE yellow labs. In fact, I ought to mention our dogs more on our blog...haha It's nice to know people that actually "get it" when you talk about how you feel about your dog!

  6. Hi Meranda!

    Thank you for taking time to read this post. It really was an amazing time!

    And thank you for understanding my obsession for puppies! I find it hard to believe that more people don't have their hearts bursting at the seams. I hope you do post more about your furry baby!!! I'd Iove to read about them!!