Wednesday, August 7, 2013

"Bud, I might have to charge you with domestic abuse if you keep making her run." (Stay)cation Part 2

So after coming back from Niantic on Thursday and spending the night in my own bed with a cuddly puppy I knew I had to get up and complete my #WhereIRun themed post for 8/2. This was an idea from a fellow team mate of mine from #TeamFantastic with Girls Gone Sporty. (Here is my Ambassador link!!!) It was such a blast to do. Ace and I took our time and it ended up being a gorgeous morning. 3.24 miles done.

 After a quick breakfast and dropping Ace of at his grandparents we headed to the mall. I wanted to get an idea of what Miguel might want for his birthday but to my surprise he bought me a birthday gift! (Yes I still had 2 days.) I have been wanting this particular Alex and Ani bracelet since I learned about them. Now I have 2. Big Collector here hahaha!! I also have Cinderella's Castle that I bought before they were sold out. By now you know how crazy I am about dogs. I love that 20% of all proceeds are going towards the Mayors Alliance in NYC. Some of the saddest dogs I have ever seen are sitting in New York City Shelters and they are not No-Kill. Those dogs only have a limited amount of time to win someone's heart. It's devastating and to know I made a small difference made me feel good. I love this gift. <3

Afterwards we picked up our little beast and headed home to relax. Then for the first time. NOTHING. SIGNIFICANT. HAPPENED. We just were happy to be spending time the three of us.

Saturday (8/3) Ace and I did another morning run. 4.17 miles done and then, call the newspapers.... we just hung out again!! I spent some time with one of my girlfriends who just turned 21!! After I came home Miguel and I started talking about what we would do for my birthday. Originally we had planned on going to the Casino-Mohegan Sun but I didn't need money to be wasted so I said we could just hang out and maybe go to a restaurant around us. He asked what I wanted for breakfast. I didn't quite catch on, responding that I wasn't sure. He asked if I would want the egg sandwich from Guiliano's on Main Street in Niantic...I said yes.

Long story short. We decided to drive back to the beach house for breakfast. I did tell Miguel that I had made a promise to myself to run 10 miles on my birthday. Because I didn't end up registering for the soundRUNNER Sea Legs 10 Miler I was going to do the same mileage anyway and not give myself a reason to bow out. In all honestly I NEEDED to do it. For myself. To prove I still have it. I've been beating myself up about my low mileage and crappy preparations for the half's I have lined up. So we decided to go to bed and ended up with two crazy puppies jumping on and off the bed all night.

I can proudly say we woke up on August 4th and went into Downtown Niantic to run 9.03 miles. I do not even care about not making it 10 miles....Miguel ran with me. That means more to me than anything else. And for that, anything else that happened in the day doesn't matter. The man I love the most, did my favorite thing in the world with me. He didn't have to. I gave him plenty of outs. He even said he could have gone longer but he was over the fact it almost took us 2 hours. I was just starting to get PHM sore so I figured it would be best to call it quits. While we were running around Niantic the Niantic Bay Tri was going on. So we got to run beside the cycling part of the tri which was so motivational. The title of this post also had to do with our running...while going down one of the streets with the cyclists we happened to frequent a road being occupied by a Police Officer helping with traffic on the open course. Him and I had sporadic conversation in which he told me I was in first place after I thanked him for stopping traffic for me, someone not in the tri. Then after seeing me and Miguel a couple more times jokingly said to Miguel that he would charge him with domestic abuse if he kept making me run. I responded telling him "Officer, it was my idea!" (I hate to even have to write this but I am in no way making light of domestic violence or abuse to anyone who has been through it, I do hope no one takes offense to it.)

We then had breakfast, our favorite egg sandwiches, I showered, compression sleeved it up and KT Taped up and relaxed with my puppy until lunch time.

Miguel's mother took Miguel and I out for lunch at the Main Street Grille in Niantic. It wasn't impressive enough to waste time on so I will pass on explaining. Then we packed up the car and headed home with our son.

After unpacking and relaxing I decided I wanted to go to Red Robin. Miguel and I had very very good meals there, probably the best so far, AND the little sneakster went and told the waitress it was my birthday so we shared a little of a sundae after the famous restaurant birthday singing commenced. (He also got me a Nike Sportwatch, it should be here Friday eeee!)

I apologize for the lack of pictures. It's funny how that happens though, the less I try to make the day special the more it is. This was probably one of the best birthdays I have ever had, minus the ones at Disney.

QOTD: What was your best birthday? Why?


  1. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a fantastic day! Sometimes the best birthdays are the relaxing ones. One of the best gifts my husband gave to me was pacing me to a sub-30 min 5k. :)

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!!

    We have an Alex and Ani near my house and I never knew what it was- apparently I need to check it out!