Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Virtual runDisney Blog Hop - Best Post Race Cocktails

If you are hopping around our fabulous runDisney Blog Hop... WELCOME! Are you trying to learn about your very first runDisney event before it happens or wanting to find something new to add to your post race tradition? Well, THIS is the place to be. 
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Let's get real for a second. 

You just ran 3.1, 6.2, 13.1 26.2 OR you spectated someone you love do those. The first (okay maybe, second) thing your body needs, wants, DESERVES is a good drink to celebrate. Now, if you know me, and well I hope you should want to. I love a good beverage, if it's adult it's even better!

Princess Half Marathon 2013

I think the best way to break down your numerous options is to break them into categories.

Resorts, Parks and Downtown Disney

Lets start with the resorts.

Boardwalk Inn and Villas

There are a few options at Disney's Boardwalk. 
Jellyrolls, although not open directly after the morning races is a blast of a place to celebrate at. 
Jellyrolls-32 oz Sex on the Beach

Kouzzina at breakfast is a dream come true. While you are snacking on Golden Waffles you can sip this beauty.
Kouzzina- Sunrise Sangria

At night Boardwalk Joe's is open for business, you should consider yourself lucky enough to have the opportunity to taste one of the most delicious margaritas on property.

Boardwalk Joe's - Wildberry Margarita

Animal Kingdom Lodge

Although I personally opt for a margarita on the rocks this one from Sanaa happens to hit the spot as a frozen drink.
Sanaa- Mango Margarita



San Angel Inn - Classic Margarita

La Cava del Tequila- Passion Fruit Margarita

Japan Sake Bar

France- Pommegrante Kir

American Adventure- Angry Orchard (Food and Wine Festival)

MGM (yup, I said it)

One of my new favorite places is the Brown Derby Lounge, it is adorable and quaint and the perfect spot to get out of the sun. If you think one margarita is good, three are better!
Brown Derby Lounge- Citizen's Take Flight

Before the opening of the Brown Derby Lounge, the Tune in Lounge attached to 50's Prime Time Cafe was one of the best places to get a drink. This one is under 'Dad's Cocktails' on the menu.
Tune In Lounge- Patron Platinum Margarita

Animal Kingdom

The bar here is somewhat hidden and can get very busy, if you get lucky and there is a seat open, grab it, the bartenders are so much fun to talk to.
Dawa Bar- African Margarita

When I said this drink is a hidden gem, it could not be more serious. On your way to Asia there is a small stand on the left. GET THIS.
Asia- Island Margarita

Downtown Disney

Everyone is Irish when they go to Raglan Road, not in the mood for Guinness? This is the perfect option for non-beer drinkers.
Raglan Road- Magner's Hard Cider

I hope you are excited for your journey towards runDisney bling and your post race cocktail. This is only a small sampling of the options available on Disney property. Remember to always drink responsibly and NEVER ever drive after you have drank, transportation is always available.

Keep hopping along and maybe I'll see you at Marathon Weekend 2014!


  1. Yum! I'll hopefully be at EPCOT after the half so I can enjoy some adult beverages. I've never tried the pomegranate kir in France but I do love the Grand Marnier slushy.

  2. Long live MGM!!!

    Great post, Meg. I love going to EPCOT and getting a drink after a runDisney race! I generally head straight to Germany for a yummy beer :)

  3. I have tried very few "adult" beverages at Disney, but you posted some yummy ones I may have to try!

  4. Alright - I'm adding a few more thing to my list, but I can't drink after running!! Maybe a day later.. :)

  5. Can't forget about Strongbow in the UK!! I also love the Passion Fruit Margarita from La Cava...I think that's my favorite :)

  6. had me at DRINK! ;) The mango margarita is simply the best drink on property! I'm drooling just thinking about it now. Luckily, after having one at Sanaa and dying inside b/c I was worried I couldn't find it again, I actually found them at POP POOL BAR (Petals) as well! WOOT! So, I can tell you without hesitation, that it will be my first drink in February...poolside!

  7. We need to be NOW. Great post! :)

  8. Great post!! They all sound yummy!! My sister and I have a tradition of getting a beer at the Germany pavillion in Epcot the night before the PHM. Then after the race we go to DTD for a celebratory cocktail. :)

  9. I feel like I need to make myself a little "shopping" list after reading this. Boy do those margaritas look great! I'm definitely looking forward to celebrating my way around Epcot after PHM. - Jess

  10. And, as they say, we saved the best for last! What I learned? I've missed the Brown Derby Lounge- Citizen's Take Flight and the Animal Kingdom Island Margarita in Asia. I know a pro when I see one! I'll be sure to rectify my shortcomings next week. Thank you, thank you for this tantalizing post Meg!