Monday, April 14, 2014

Inaugural Middletown Half Marathon and Legends 4 Miler

I had registered for the Inaugural Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare Middletown Half Marathon (say that in one breath) so long ago I ended up being a moron and signing up for another race in Danbury the same day! Luckily they gave me a refund for my mistake. This race was being put on by Hartford Marathon Foundation and I was very excited to be a part of this inaugural half in my state, plus I knew Anne lived in Middletown and figured she MUST be doing this race.

After getting to the Quarter Marathon by the skin of my teeth the day before I made sure I arrived early to get a parking spot somewhere close to the Start/Finish line. I was in luck! Ain't nothing better than free parking!

I ended up only being one block from the Start/Finish Line as well as the post race festivities. At 10 am they were still setting up.

I was incredibly excited to meet Jeff Galloway again! I had no idea he went to school in CT AND was roommates with Amby Burfoot! Wow, what a small small world! I had Jeff sign my race bib.

Jeff Galloway, Amby Burfoot and Bill Rogers all together, The Legends.

I was so excited to get my picture with these two! Sorry Bill but I had no idea who you were. Amby holds a record for the most consecutive Manchester Road Races run, I believe he completed #50 this past Thanksgiving. That was how I knew who he was. And of course the adorable Jeff Galloway!

Okay so the shirts....let me first say I loved the Hartford Marathon Foundation truthfully until I found out they only accepted "elite" athletes to their team, how 'well-rounded' is that, (sorry I am a sore loser on this one) AND because lets face it, unless you put sizing instructions on your registration pages how am I to know that it's going to fit my boobs. If that's TMI, shove it because I LIKE to wear race shirts, especially right after the race to show my support and well show off where I just beasted it. I know the guy was doing his job but the douche working the table of shirts was incredibly rude and lets be serious Hartford Marathon Foundation, we BOTH know you are not struggling for money. You got JEFF FRIGGEN GALLOWAY to come to CT. Cut the act. So now I have a race shirt that unless I get a boob reduction I won't be able to wear. Isn't the whole purpose of a shirt to have people wear it and others interested ask about it?! Anyone ever heard of advertising?! Okay. now my rant is over. By the way congratulations to the HMF Team Members!

While waiting for the start Anne and I looked at the Nora Cupcake Truck to see what goodies we might want after.

Kim and Anne were doing the 4 miler and I was in for the half. I love these ladies so much and always seem to have an absolute blast with them! (Congratulations Kim on becoming part of HMF's Team, now SHE deserves it!)

One more shot of us before we ran, Kim, me, Anne and Pam!

Seeing the first aid tent set up made me think of RyRy. Look how Army-esk this is. HOOAH!

Volunteers were still hanging up the medals, blue for the half marathon and red for the 4 miler, as we made our way to the start.

I couldn't wait to cross this finish line.

On our way to the start. The half and the 4 miler would begin together.

Carolyn!!!! AHHHHH Skirt party, Anne, Carolyn and Kim. I wasn't invited but, it's okay. I still love them.

Carolyn and I were channeling Kristy the whole race! We sent videos to tell her how we were doing <3

Carolyn had a great support system with her too, Dyella who I had met at #runnerslove was there cheering her and me on! She took this great photo of us!

Okay so the race...hmmmm, lets see, we ran down main street and immediately took a left, UP. A. HILL. It was absolutely brutal. I had hoped to stay between  the 2:45 and 3:00 pacers but I felt like I had concrete in my shoes. Carolyn and I ran the whole race together with our only goal to beat 3 hours! I cannot remember the last time I had so much fun running and hated the entire course. We chatted and laughed and cursed the hills that just kept coming. We made friends with the 3:00 pacers and had a good time with them as they kept catching up and then falling back. The weather was phenomenal during the race, a little warm but perfect in my opinion. Anne finished the 4 miler and booked it up to the 8 mile mark with Phred her little furry munchkin child! I'm pretty sure I screamed when I saw her! IT was such a huge surge of adrenaline. Shit, this is what #runnerslove is. She just ran 4 miles and instead of relaxing and celebrating, she came to cheer us on. It gave me goosebumps to see her. Thank you again Anne, it really meant the world to me! Ugh, being able to have heart to hearts and seeing friends while you are running, there are few things better than that. Carolyn and I pushed each other and had a great time doing it!

At mile 12 we realized we could make our goal a reality, we stopped for a photo op and pushed it the last 1.1.

Going down the very same hill we went up at the start of the race I found a woman walking, I told her to keep moving and although visibly winded she said "all right"! and picked up the pace. I asked if this was her first half marathon and she said yes, she looked like death and looked miserable, (hell I'd probably be too if this course was my first half!) I told her she could do it, only a little bit more to the finish. I told her finishing, not just her first half but THIS COURSE under 3 hours would be something she'd never forget and told her to keep running! The children in the background are hers, when they saw her on main street, they all ran out and finished the race with her. Thank you again Dyella for an awesome picture!

Carolyn although a fluttering, flying beast throughout the race, she slowed down before the finish and I caught up with her, we grabbed each others hand and sprinted to the Finish Line! We did it! We hugged and accepted our medals! I love the proofs we have and might actually have to buy a photo or two.

After I crossed the finish Anne was there waiting, every piece of my body hurt from my forehead to my toes. I knew I wanted to get Amby Burfoot to sign my bib so I quickly met up with him.

Although I can say, very confidently, that I will NEVER run this course again, I will give the 4 miler a try possibly next year. The overall event was too much fun to pass up.

And I got to meet Chris Trotta, we both follow each other on Twitter and got the chance to meet in person! He's incredibly sweet and down to earth. Congratulations to Chris on his Team HMF acceptance as well. (See I'm okay with him and Kim.)

After saying our goodbyes and noticing there was little to no food left, okay there was greasy pizza. Anne and I needed a drink. 

I was incredibly disappointed that I was unable to get a cupcake from Nora Cupcakes, the ones that they had for the runners, post race. Another negative check for HMF. However, a plus was Eli Cannon's pulled pork that was left, if I could have bathed in it, I would have been a happy girl. It was THAT good.

Anne suggested First and Last Tavern on Main Street and we walked, well I hobbled, to the bar. We sat and talked for I think and hour and a half. I had such a good time with her. It's always enjoyable to spend time with Anne. If you get the chance, do it. She's incredibly easy to get along with.

After two margaritas I headed back home to have dinner at my parents house. I needed to change out of my running clothes and shoes A.S.A.P.

I love my medal.

As you can see I got just a wee bit o' sun during the race as well.

I got to hang out with my girlfriends.....and Kemmy...

Finished another half marathon for 2014 AND got color....

And had my baby fall asleep on me at the end of the day.

You find a better Sunday. I dare you.


  1. Awhhhh, such cute puppies! Oh, and a pretty attractive lady too =P

    Congrats on a great race, even if there were monster hills!

    1. I also just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster award in my last blog post!


  2. Wow, seems like there are lots of spring races happening up your way! Congrats on completing another one! I liked the bit of history on Galloway and burfoot you provided! Sorry the shirt guy was rude! I think knowing there were cupcakes at the finish is what would keep me going and I would have been incredibly disappointed to see there weren't any left! Boo hoo!

  3. No cupcakes left? Boooo! Irish car bomb cupcake, 'nuff said.

  4. Mmm those cupcakes sounded so good, that really stinks you couldn't get one after the race!! I love how you helped that lady push herself in the last mile - I bet you helped make her race experience extra incredible!!

  5. Nice work! I had planned to run this, but missed the increased price deadline so I had to postpone... Maybe next year, though the 4 miler sounds a little more pleasant ;)
    My dogs both like to sleep in that spot. Silly puppies!

  6. You have so much fun at your races! Great job!!