Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Apps That Make Life Easier

So I have officially surpassed 30 consecutive days at the gym.

I began a month ago using the fitness plan that Planet Fitness 'designed' for me but it really has no thought put into it and I never felt anything even if I was increasing the weight, just a lot of machines and only two exercises with free weights. Nothing against them I mean it was a free assessment, so I can't really complain. I just wasn't feeling like anything was happening and was just going through the motions.

BUT! A week ago I started using two different apps to train and track my progress.

RUNNING for weight loss and BodySpace. I have not used the meal plans on RUNNING so I can't comment on that but it's something like 7 days for free and then $9.99/month or $3.33/12 months. I picked the 3 day a week plan and I'm just doing the days back to back. BodySpace is free and the part of RUNNING I'm using is free as well.

With RUNNING it forces me to do intervals and push myself and I already feel better endurance after my incredibly long hiatus from the pavement. It links with your phones music so I don't have to listen to some pop-type-crap, although it has stations if you aren't in the mood to make your own playlist.

With BodySpace, I feel like I can do an actual weight training workout that will benefit me. I've completed a week of Jamie Easons LiveFit Trainer. Right now it's 4 days of weights and 3 of rest, which I'm using for cardio. It'll end up 6 days weights and 1 day rest but I'll be prepared by that point.

It's really so simple, if you need something that is easy and organized that is the way to go. Also, I know this will shock you all. I'm WarsawMermaid on there if you want to link up :)

This Saturday I will be at the Atlanta Women's 5k. Will you be there?!

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