Friday, February 1, 2013

Racism is the Pits

While I am being intoxicated by the gas of my best friend.... 

I am thinking of my 9.5 mile run this weekend and my outfit for the Princess Half Marathon. I am a huge advocate of pitbulls. Instead of dressing as a Disney Princess, which is a fabulous idea in itself, I have decided to wear pro-pit shirts. These are a couple in the running of ...well running ha ha ha... get it?
 I know... sad attempt at making a joke.

This is from Villalobos Rescue Center... aka Pitbulls & Parolees .

And then this as well...I love that it comes in pink!

These are my 5k and half marathon options. I don't know if I will find something else.
I still need to work on the undergarment portion of my run as well. Maybe a bright pink sports bra! Also I need to work on my KT Taping techniques. Oh well... At least I feel much better about the fact I am feeling more confident about avoiding the sweep. The more I continue to train the better I will be.

"Perfect practice makes perfect."

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