Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ohhhhhhhhver Half Way There!

I did it! I did 8 miles!!! In a little less than 2 hours! I am one happy girl! Only a little bit of hip flexor pain...pfft did I say little?! It was the most pain I have had after working out. I couldn't lift my leg to walk up the stairs. It hurt while sleeping too. I know this means I need to take my warm-up more seriously than I have in the past.

I am completely guilty of not warming up... I always just want to get into the work out and not waste time or energy. I now understand I probably wouldn't be in such pain if I had warmed up. Is this what growing up in the running world means?? If so I am happy I am at least progressing.

I also just completed my registration for the Mickey and Minnie Royal Family 5k!!! Ahhhh!!! I can not wait to spend the time in EPCOT. I hope there will be good characters. That way I can run past them at the half.

Okay well tons of work needs to be done and hopefully to bed early tonight.

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