Monday, May 20, 2013

Cheshire Sea Dog 10k

Okay. I'll admit it first... I ALWAYS think of the Cheshire Cat when I think of Cheshire, CT. I can't really explain why. I know there is nothing about Cheshire that justifies that thought process but it still happens. So anyway, this was my first 10k. I didn't really run races in the logical order 5k, 10k, half, full... I did 5k, half, 5k, 5k, 10k....oops. 

Well, first off, the Southington-Cheshire YMCA did a fantastic job with the race today. Not only did they make it a family affair by having local businesses and vendors by having a "doggie dash" on top of the 5k and the 10k but they had a very interesting and somewhat challenging course. (As well as an awesome shirt!)

I will admit that I was a little thrown off by the fact that I had to go to one tent to get my bib number and then go to another tent to get my bib. I would have preferred that was put in a pre-race email. That to me is not typical for a race like this and added a bit to my pre-race anxiety. Once I picked up my bib, shirt, shoe laces (kinda cool) and looked at the start line I headed back to my car to stretch and get pumped up. The lady who parked next to me and I started talking about races and the course. She had done the Cheshire Half Marathon and said the course was perfect, not too many hills but enough to keep it interesting. This race was both our first time at Bartlem Park so we were both unsure what was in store. She then proceeded to tell me her favorite course of all time in CT was in Colebrook. I must have looked shocked because she said to me, "do you know where that is?" I of course have no idea where Colebrook, CT is but on September 28 I am running the Hogsback Half Marathon in that town (proceeds are going to Running for Rescues, sing up NOW!) We said we would probably see each other there and parted ways.
 I had had a ton of water and wanted to go to the bathroom prior to the start of the race. The line for both the regular park bathrooms and the port-o-pottys was longer than any race I have been too. Not only were people taking WAY TOO long but an 11-year old child cut in front of myself and the 4 people in front of me 5 minutes before the race was too start. I get a child needed to use a bathroom, I'm not heartless but where is the parent?! There is a certain etiquette to standing in line. I do not like to rush to the start line I like to take my time, this was very upsetting. Luckily a third stall opened up and I was able to be to the 10k Start Line with 60 seconds to spare.

Although the 10k and the 5k began in two separate locations we merged about .10 of a mile after the start. We then ran together for about .50 of a mile until the 5k went left and the 10k stayed straight. The course was actually really pretty, running through the neighborhoods of Cheshire was very calming. There weren't as many spectators as the Vernon Mothers Day Dash but the amount of volunteers out on the course made you feel like there were people there to see you run. Another positive for the S/C YMCA. I did wish that there was maybe 1 more water station but I was appreciative that there were two spaced out. I lined up close to the start line and boy did I get passed by many many people after the first mile. After that little (yeah right, little) blow to my ego I decided that if I were to at least beat my best 10k time so far, 1:14 then I would still be proud of myself. The runners for the 10k were real deal serious runners. If was to come in last it was going to happen going up against some great runners. I pushed myself more than I had ever before in a race. I had my first 3 miles under 10 minutes (WHAAAAT!?!) It only drizzled a little, luckily there were no downpours. The finish line was across the street from where the 10k started. I was able to pass one or two more people the last .30 and as people were crossing an announcer was calling out their name and what town they were from. I was so relieved to be done!! AND! I had beaten my best time!! I finished at 1:04!! 10 MINUTES OFF! WOOHOO!!! Forget the fact there were 250 people registered and I was 235!!! I didn't come in last! Yayyy!!!

I grabbed some water after passing under the balloon arch and had to hobble back to my car back across the street. Ooooowweeee. It felt like a longer walk than the run I had just completed. I had packed my bag with a change of clothes just in case it did rain. I am very happy I did. Not only do I detest sitting in workout clothes but I had to show off my new shirt!

Love Bulu Box! This shirt is soooooo soft. I still have to post my subscription review. I'll do that after I am done with this post. After changing I walked around their expo, grabbed a delicious and much deserved orange slice and half a bagel. I looked at the race results and headed home. There was a puppy date about to happen!!! My Partner in Crime, my Better Half, my Disney Twin just rescued General a 3 month old German Shepherd and even though he's only been 'home' for 3 days we knew Ace and him needed to meet I had a bottle of Sachem's Picnic waiting to be sipped. :)

General and Ace meet for the first time! 
I will leave you with pictures of these two. Nothing is better than a puppy butt <3

"When you're the best of friends...."


  1. squeee! Puppy playdate!!! Oh, sorry, distracted by adorableness...CONGRATS!! I'm guessing my 10K in a few weeks will be like this. I looked at last years numbers for the race I'm running and there were 200 people, most doing the 5K. The ones that did the 10K had pretty speedy times, so I'm just hoping not to be last! LOL. What I really want is a 1:06-1:08 time so I can submit it for the Princess, so I'll be reminding myself of that as all the superserious runners pass me! ;)

    1. hahah, I am distracted as well by it. I can't stop giggling at the two boys playing. They had such a good time! I'm glad I can give you positive thoughts. I was pretty bummed until I saw my time and though heck, if I'm moving at my fastest these are some real deal runners!

      You'll do fantastic for your 10k! Maybe we will be in the same corral!! I will be thinking good thoughts for you!

  2. Hi Meg! My name is Lauren - I actually found your blog through Kim (confessions of a domestic goddess). The 2013 was my first half too and I will be at TOT this year as well (saw your countdown) :) I'd love to follow along your journey in running! Maybe I will see you at Disney in October!

    My blog is:

    I hope you'll come by and say hi!

    1. I still haven't registered yet for TOT 10 Miler, I keep hoping my boyfriend will continue to spoil me with a surprise registration. haha. I will be at the Wine and Dine, Marathon Weekend and bank accounts willing Princess Half. Thank you for reading :) It's always nice to know people are interesting in my ramblings. I will definitely stop by your blog! Thank you for your supportive words :)