Monday, May 27, 2013

Proud to be an American

I will do my absolute best to not go off on a tangent here that might offend or upset people but I want to express what Memorial Day or any other national holiday for that matter means to me...

A little background.... Both my Mothers side of the family and my Fathers side of the family have been in the armed forces..Navy and Marines to be 100% sure so, I have American pride running through my veins. I don't believe to be an American you need to be either Republican or Democrat, but what I feel happens is people lose sight of what being an American means. I feel all we have been doing recently is splitting into two sides. This absolutely disgusts me. I personally believe there is nothing more unpatriotic and distasteful than someone putting down our military personnel. You can either believe war is necessary or unnecessary all you want, but it has happened and will continue to happen until those who want to oppress open their eyes. I do not believe war is either fantastic nor evil, but what I do believe is is that if someone is willing to risk their life so I can sit here on my porch with Ace laying in the sun beside me on this beautiful day (after 4-5 days of rain, thunder and lightning, coincidence?) then I will support them until I can no longer breathe.

I am proud to live in a country where there are numerous people, men and women, who feel like they have the obligation and duty to protect the country they love and millions of people they will never meet to the degree they are putting their lives in most certain danger.

I would like to ask all of my followers/readers/friends/family to not speak of the First Lady's attire today, the upcoming healthcare reform, the battle for seats in the house.... None of these things have anything to do with life or death. Instead think of someone, anyone: family, coworker, friend who  gave their life for this amazing country or is currently fighting for us all.

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