Monday, July 29, 2013

Meglovin' Monday

Holy hell...Yup. I did it. I just came up with that. Meglovin' Monday. I am actually astonished at myself with the creative genius that just happened. Hold on for a second while I sit in awe of how witty I am..........

Okay. I'm done.

 So the idea of Meglovin' Monday came from this...about 10 minutes ago. I'm just sitting here relaxing after work with a lovely snack. My favorite Crisps (I feel very English when I say that, and I can't ever not say it with an accent).

I was reading my best friends blog post about her virtual runs and how her training is going for our first half marathon together, Disney's Wine and Dine Half Marathon and I starting thinking...I want others to love her like I do...well maybe not to that same degree but I want them to realize how awesome she is....So pow! Meglovin' Monday arrives. Each Monday I will highlight one blogger and their .com to hopefully spread the love that I have for all the ladies that have helped me get through the last month or so. True #runnerslove for y'all.

Stop by her blog A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes... Her name is Samantha and she is awesome, show her some love and support!