Sunday, September 1, 2013

Weekly Recap

Well... Lets just recap my week.

Monday - had my doctors appointment. They took more blood. All the results from the procedure the week before came back healthy and 'perfect'. Great, right?! Not entirely...This means we still don't know what is wrong... Awesome. So I have resigned to end my relationship with doctors. When I get blood drawn I am so loopy and weak that it usually takes me about 24 hours to feel better. No workout on this day.

Tuesday - I cross trained...Yes ladies and gents. You read that right. Miguel helped me with weight training. Boy was I sore, but it feels amazing!

Wednesday - I had to take a nap in the middle of the afternoon when I got home from work but my bestie laid down with me. Then Ace and I went for a walk. We went 1.20 miles. Slow at about a 19mm pace but I am completely okay with it. I just need to keep getting out there.

Thursday - More cross training. Weights again. Less sore, still difficult, only 3lb weights.

Friday - Felt AMAZING when I started to run with Ace. Only ran about 2 miles but I felt really good. Just incredibly hot 

Saturday - Aside from sumo wrestling Ace for 30 minutes while he got his nails clipped (un-sedated) I did weights again. Mike has me doing an entire body work out so I am able to feel better and rested within a day and ready to do the same again. I have literally not one ounce of muscle so this is helping me so much. 

Sunday (Today) - Only a mile walk with Ace. I need to kick my mileage up this week big time. 2 weeks till the Gulf Beach Half Marathon.

How was your week!?

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