Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Taste Bud Tuesday - Kouzzina


Although it might sound like a noise you make after something tickles your nose, truthfully it will tickle your taste buds. This is one of my favorite breakfasts on Disney Property. Kouzzina is located at Disney's Boardwalk Area (Villas & Inn). With the exception of the Poly, this is probably my favorite resort. Location, location, location. (Lots of favorites here!)

On Disney's Dining Reservations page they give you this overview of Cat Cora's Kouzzina:

Feast on the specialties of a Greek kouzzina, including the cherished family recipes of chef Cat Cora.
Revel in the sights, sounds and aromas of the spirited open kitchen, as you enjoy fresh bread, Kalamata olives and Cat Cora’s own award-winning olive oil.
Breakfast features American favorites with subtle Mediterranean influences, such as French toast baklava or poached eggs with olive toast, sweet potato hash and sausage.
At dinner, delight in oak-grilled steak, pork tenderloin, traditional whole fish, fisherman’s stew and pastitsio—a Greek-style lasagna with cinnamon-stewed meat sauce.
Guests 21 years of age and up can pair their meals with Mediterranean sangria, Cat’s “Ouzo-tini,” Greek beer or one of Cat Cora’s own “Coranation” wines from California.
Reservations are recommended and can be made up to 180 days prior to your visit. Kouzzina by Cat Cora is a licensed trademark of C2 Restaurant Group, LLC.

Truthfully I have never had anything other than breakfast here but have heard great things about the dinner menu. My family and I have always made the earliest reservations available so seating has never been an issue as well.

The atmosphere to me is spacious, open and airy even if you are inside. I love that they have an open kitchen too so you can see all the food being prepared.

Part of the wall decor.

Without fail, every single time we go, I get my Sunrise Sangria. This was the first place I had ever tried it. What a great way to start any day at Disney. 

For my meal I get the Classic Golden Waffle. Now while you may be looking at this photo and saying to yourself "she really MUST BE Irish, look at that butter", you would be mistaken. There is nothing 'Classic' about this waffle. And that glob of goodness is not butter but happens to be a gift from the Gods...for those who don't know what I am talking about...its more common name is mascarpone. But, ladies and gentlemen, we don't just end there. Honey is drizzled on top of these sweeter than normal tasting waffles AS WELL AS the mascarpone. Yes it also comes with bacon or sausage and I opt to hold off on the chopped pecans that come on it as well.

All in all I recommend this restaurant to each and every person I can. You won't be disappointed.

Have you eaten here? If you have, what is your favorite dish? Is it breakfast or dinner? If not, would you try Kouzzina?


  1. Kouzinna for breakfast is ON my list! I heard they make amazing vegan pancakes and have sweet potato hash out of this world! We ate dinner there and really loved it, I just haven't found the time to fit breakfast into the schedule. For PHM I won't be going either, Rey wants to go, so we'll wait for 2015!

    1. Everyone I go with gets the sweet potato hash and they LOVE it. How was dinner?? I can't wait for you to try breakfast, its so nice and quiet and it was really really fast to get our food.

  2. My mouth just watered like crazy when I saw a picture of that waffle lol Looks delicous!!

    1. The waffle is out of this world! It's not just like a regular plain jane waffle, there is something different about it. Cat Cora knew what she was doing. haha

  3. That is exactly what I get when I go...love the mascarpone!!!

    1. TrueLife: My Best Friend and I love mascarpone <3

  4. Ah I was in Disney at the Yacht club and really wanted to eat here but didn't get a chance to!