Friday, November 15, 2013

Group Hug!


I took my time waking up and had breakfast at Pop Century's food court. I will admit it took me all of Tuesday to be okay with spending time by myself. {Side Track} Obviously, I do it all the time when at home, but away from home, while others were with their families...I was a little sad. Until I started realizing that I wasn't 'alone'. I had hundreds of people enjoying their time and watching some of the children in the parks have that same look I know I gave the castle the first time I laid eyes on it, made me enjoy and appreciate all my parents have done for me. My family has sacrificed so much and been through a great deal of heartache. My father is the hardest working man I have ever met and I am not just saying that, he really is. He is also an amazing father. He's the one we would give all our park passes to and he would literally run to Tower of Terror or Toy Story Midway Mania to get fast passes, never EVER acting like he didn't want to. My mother is a survivor; That in it self speaks volumes. She literally went to Disney WHILE TAKING CHEMO....AND then beat cancer! Disney to me means more than just the characters and the food and the fireworks. On this vacation I really got to see families beaming with reminded me of my own family and made this time more special than any before. So if it seems like I'm really REALLY positive with these posts, this is why. {Back on Track}

The breakfast was delicious. Who can argue with Potato Casserole?!?

Before I started my days in the park I had to walk around the hotel for a little. 

After usually spending time at the Deluxe resorts and Villas it was a blast to see so much effort put into transforming this resort into a trip through time!

My first stop of the day was Animal Kingdom.

Then as I walked towards Asia, I noticed an awesome creature in a tree. I am unsure how to spell her name DeeVine, Divine, D'Vine. However it is spelled, she is awesome and is so cool. I cannot believe I have never seen her before.

If you haven't been lucky enough to have an Island Margarita...get to Animal Kingdom. Right. Now. I love this drink more than popcorn. The cart where you get them is on the way towards Asia and on your right. It was a perfect morning.

This is one of my favorite, favorite parts of Asia.

My Island Margarita and I walked the Maharajah Jungle Trek to check out some Tigers! This is a great activity when it's hot too, most of the trek is in the shade.

 It took a lot of will power and fear to not go cuddle with this beast.

I mean COME ON! How cool is this!

I love the Animal Kingdom!

After another margarita I promised myself to try something else that I had never done before....the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail! I would find gorillas and hippos on this trail! So exciting!

Oh Hippos!

My favorite part of seeing the Silverback Gorilla just standing this. Was a small child asking his mother why the gorilla wouldn't come closer and the mother said "you don't want him to come any closer. he would rip you apart limb, by limb". Ahhh the things you hear at Walt Disney World.

I had never traveled to Camp Minnie Mickey before so I figured now was the best time to go see what it was all about. I didn't expect to have as much fun as I did have.

This pretty much sums up everything.

Once I stopped laughing like a crazy person I wanted to do more. But I had already done everything I had wanted to at Animal Kingdom. I knew Sammy and I would end up going to Magic Kingdom and EPCOT again. I remembered that a new lounge had opened at MGM and boarded a bus for the Hollywood Studios!

The Hollywood Brown Derby was a whole week old when I visited. I found an adorable bar stool seat at a table for two...or one. And realized how hungry I was. And of course thirsty. *wink

I had read about the Margarita Flight and figured I would lose my Margarita Lovers Membership if I passed it up. The margaritas were classic, mango and pomegranate.

 So fabulous!

Although I ordered the Citizens Take Flight, I was brought the Martini Flight of the Stars, first. The waitress was incredibly polite and I ended up having great conversation with her. The 4 people sitting next to me, did not hear or see me turn away the martini flight and when I was brought the margarita flight I ended up getting into an awkward conversation. One of the women told me to be careful because I was on a higher up chair. I responded telling her, "I'm Polish, don't worry, I got this." No one at their table laughed........

I ordered the Derby Sliders because lets face it...who doesn't love House-made Chorizo.

 Bucky Greenhorn Derby Margarita

Melvin Macheezmo Mango Margarita

Ready Freddy Fiddlesticks Pomegranate Margarita

All of hte margaritas were delicious. I don't think I could pick a favorite. It was perfect sampling. I love how they were displayed too, such a fabulous way to carry them!

 Derby Sliders

House-made Chorizo burger

 Waygu Beef Burger

Verdict on the burgers: the chorizo burger is out of this world. I would order that itself if it was an option. The Waygu burger was eh, nothing special. It was tasty and for the record, I DID eat it with the avocado on it. Another first!

 This was my view, from my seat.

When I posted the photo of my drinks I learned that Sammy was in MGM as well. I wished she could have come and sat with me. This food was amazing.

What better way to end a meal than having the Brown Derby famous Grapefruit Cake. Ugh <3

After my deliciously filling meal, I wanted to walk it off a little by making my way around MGM. I started with getting incredibly lucky by having NO LINE waiting for Minnie Mouse. I couldn't even tell she was in her her little room, I loved getting to see her!

After my photo op and some time spent walking around MGM I made my way back to Pop Century for a late afternoon nap. Sammy got out of work and back to the room 5.45pm and we headed over to Saratoga Springs. Neither of us had ever eaten at The Turf Club Bar and Grill. This was a first for both of us. I am seriously in love with Saratoga Springs at night and would love to stay there one day.

We ordered buffalo chicken dip as an appetizer. 

Macaroni and cheese, crispy chicken breast and green beans almondine

Chocolate espresso cake with whipped cream and berries and vanilla port wine ice cream. mmm mmm mmm It is completely worth the fullness in your tummy afterwards!

After dinner Sammy agreed to go to Magic Kingdom. I think I was 13 or 14 the last time I had been to Disney during Christmastime and I had been dying to see all of Main Street decked out with decorations!

How much more gorgeous could it get.....


  1. *sigh* HOME! Ah, the drinks! the food! Pop! Christmas it all.

  2. Thanks for the tip in AK. I did not know I could get a margarita there :)

    1. Anytime! I can usually find a good drink anywhere I go :)

  3. I miss Disney at Christmastime. I cannot wait to go back - the decorations and magic of it all during the holidays is unrivaled!

    Also, those margaritas and the desserts look sooooo delicious!

    1. It makes me feel like a kid again!! I can't believe it's been so long! You have to go back next year (or you still have time this year!!!!)

      The food has been to die for!

  4. My little boy (2) really loved looking at this post. It has all of his favorite things - Minnie, lights, animals and "pie" (ie the lovely desserts). I miss the Disney Christmas decorations so much! They're absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for letting us travel through you! - Jess

    1. Ahhhh! That's so cute! Those are all my favorite things too!!! I'm always here to give you the feeling you are there with me!!! :)