Friday, November 22, 2013

Mickey's Jingle Jungle 5k Recap & MORE


This might be the only time in your life you are excited for an early wake up! The Jingle Jungle 5k was finally here!

The night before I carefully laid out my clothes. Pink was most definitely the theme of the race. I couldn't wait to wear my Aurora crown, truthfully. I may be wearing it right now as I write this up....

We got in line for the bus and made it to the Animal Kingdom parking lot very early, we ended up being one of the first buses there. Per the runDisney emails there was an added bag check, similar to the ones you go through in the parks. It was quick and painless and personally I feel better knowing that there is a security check point like that.

I was curious how they would decorate for this Winter themed race and I was not disappointed. Sammy and I didn't grab a photo here but I did end up taking a picture for a woman who I ended up seeing on Instagram 2 minutes later. Kinda cool and crazy at the same time! You never know who you'll meet!

The Start line was gorgeous <3

And yet again ladies and gentlemen, luck luck luck was on my side! We were only maybe the 10th in line when Minnie and Mickey came out to take pictures with us.

They were even pumping 'snow' into the parking lot!

After we continued to watch the line for Minnie and Mickey grow we walked to our corral to sit and stretch. It was very chilly in my opinion for this morning race, much chillier than the Royal Family 5k in February. I was incredibly happy to have a long sleeve on. It was great to people watch and see all the fabulous costumes people were wearing. Sammy and I agreed to go all out in 2014.

Ready to go!

 And we're off! Corral C was CLASSY!

Of course once we ended up being about .25 or .50 in I had to go to the bathroom. I had definitely hydrated the day before...maybe too much! Once we made it to mile 1 I ended up being able to meet Brandi! We had talked on Twitter but never met in person. She's so bubbly and sweet! She was doing her own thing during the race and hung with us for a little.

Sammy and I stopped to visit my boy Baloo and Brandi ran ahead. I love this dude! Look how festive he is!

 The next stop was Rafiki, the lines were definitely moving fast for photos at this point.

Turk was so festive!

Then we hit a wall. A photo taking wall... I felt bad for the Cast Member but he needed to hurry up. We had about 15 people behind us in line and then...wait...what... GOLF CARTS?!? Yup. We were officially the 'end of the line'. I didn't see them 'sweeping' people per say but security was there to silently encourage you to pick up the pace. We took our photo with King Louie and booked it through Asia!

Mile 2 came up nice and fast.

Donald's line was long too but too perfect to pass up.

We got nervous when we saw the golf carts again and picked up our pace. We passed on Pluto which made me very very sad but his line was a little long. Next time puppy. Next time. As we were winding back into the parking lot I saw an alligator with a Santa hat. Would wouldn't want to grab a quick seat?

Mile 3 came up very fast and we saw the finish line awaiting us!

I was very proud to have finished another runDisney event and to have my best friend by my side. And lets be real for a second. This crown looks fabulous.

Another medal to add to my collection.

Once we made it back to the room we decided to lay down until our lunch reservations. I have been obsessed with the boxes you get after you finish since the Princess Half. I got extremely excited to see what they had this race. P.S. THANK YOU FOR THE HANDLES!

Here are all the snacks included.

I just laid in bed and couldn't fall into a deep enough sleep to feel it so I just relaxed. Our lunch time reservation was at the Captain's Grille at the Yacht Club.

I figured I would stick to to something my body has had before mozzarella, basil and ciabatta is in my blood. But even for me there was wayyyyy too much cheese.

This was such a delicious dessert. An apple crisp buckle, cranberries and yogurt gelato with graham cracker crumbles.

Back to the room again for some more rest and relaxation until the big race.


  1. I loved Captain's Grille - total unexpected lunch that turned into one of my favorites on WDW property.

    You got so many awesome pics! Loved the update.

    1. Have you ever had dinner there?! OUT OF THIS WORLD!

      Thanks :)

  2. You are so damn cute! LOVE the crown, perfect!! You better go all out, I'm gonna hold you to it! I saw you pinning some cute costumes you girls could do! Can't wait to see.

    1. hahahah I'm trying to find another excuse to wear it! I'm already planning the Glass Slipper Challenge. Of course Minnie Mouse is the theme for the 10k in January!! :)

  3. Oh my gosh what an exciting event! Color me envious! I'm definitely signing up for every event at Disneyland from now on after seeing how much fun people have!

    1. It was so fabulous! You have to try to make everyone you can, the people make it!

  4. Congrats on another Disney race. It's a wonder we didn't see each other cus we were there extremely early too!

    1. I'm still so sad we didn't see each other I was really looking forward to it!

  5. You look so cute in your Aurora outfit and crown!! The Jingle Jungle 5K looks like a blast - is it weird that I'm almost looking forward to it more than the Wine & Dine half next year? lol!!

    1. Awww! Thank you! I had such a blast!!! It really was something I was unsure about but I had so much fun I'm glad I did it, You would love it!