Saturday, November 30, 2013

So long, farewell.


I've been holding off recapping the last day of my Wine and Dine Half Marathon Vacation because I don't want to admit it had to end.

Luckily I have two runDisney vacations coming up VERY fast so I feel it's emotionally safe to post this.

After our 4am bed-time Sammy and I took our time waking up. We had a 1.40pm reservation at San Angel Inn and planned to get to EPCOT about noonish to just take our time walking around. Boy was it PACKED! We had forgotten it was the last day of the Food and Wine Festival and drove to EPCOT as opposed to taking transportation. It was such a relief to see this sight.

The line in La Cava was stupid long. I'm glad to see other people don't play when it comes to their tequila and margarita needs. But really...the line was in the bar, in there small little queue AND up the left entrance/exit ramp.

This is one of my absolute favorite places to eat on property.

I had to take a celebratory margarita + medal photo. Another half in the bag baby!

My two motivations and loves <3

We decided to order the guacamole which if you haven't had it from any of the places within the Mexico Pavilion you need to make that a priority your next trip. It's even fresher and more delicious than the guacamole's they make in front of you at other places.

And drum roll please......... POLLO A LAS RAJAS!

Chocolate Mousse. Underestimated at best! Fresh fruit, whipped cream, almond bark and IN the mousse are chocolate chips. Mmmm incredibly refreshing!

Truthfully I had a margarita from La Cantina before our reservation and definitely felt it after the margarita for lunch. I guess I didn't eat enough since I ran the 13.1 miles... We walked back to the car....and couldn't find it. I thought it was hysterical at first but I did start to get worried after 6 or 7 minutes.

 Sammy dropped me back off at the room where I charged my phone and relaxed off my margarita fog. I need to drink more water next time. About 5pmish I let her know I'd meet her at the Magic Kingdom to finish our our last night in the most magical park possible.

After a mini-anxiety attack at the people COMPLETELY IGNORANT AND RUDE to cast members explaining the Magic Band concept of getting into the parks I saw the castle.......

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful...

On of our main reasons for going to MK was to go on the Jingle Cruise.

The decorations were good, not stellar but definately worth going to. Each of the boats had it's name changed to something Christmasy!

All in all the ride was incredibly enjoyable a HUGE round of applause to the CM's working this ride, they are a gem.

We had to hit Pirates after our Jingle Cruise. I LOVE this ride. Does anyone else find themselves singing Yo Ho, Yo Ho a Pirate's Life for Me? No...okay.

It happened to be pure luck that we saw the end of the Main Street Electrical Parade. I can't remember the last time I saw this. It was fantastic.

If YOU can think of a better way to end a vacation let me know....

We headed back to Pop Century after hitting the Haunted Mansion and walking through the Tangled bathrooms. We grabbed this amazing Tie-dye cheesecake and pepperoni pizza bread. It was delicious! Who can say no to this beauty? Then. It was to bed for me.


The next morning was very sad. I woke up at 5am to go and check my luggage with the Magical Express and walked sadly back to the room to just lay and stare at the ceiling. Thank you Sammy for letting me keep the replaying Disney Channels on at night in case I woke up.  

I took this photo on my lonely walk to the bus stop.

Our fabulous room for the week.

On my way to the bus stop I realized I had time for a quick breakfast and decided on a Pop Century famous fruit infested waffle. It was delicious.

I can't remember if I mentioned earlier that it was my baby's 2nd birthday on 11.11.13. He was a make a wish baby born on 11.11.11 <3 He is literally the love of my life. Once I made it home, I cuddle him until we fell asleep. No better way to end a vacation day. Happy Birthday to the most amazing son a mother could ask for <3


  1. Happy birthday to your adorable puppy!!!

    You took some great photos from the electrical parade, and the Cinderella Castle Christmas lights are my favorite! So magical :0) It always is sad at the end of a Disney vacation, but like you said, it always helps starting to plan another one that is coming up!!

    1. Ace and I say thank you :)

      I was so excited I had a clear shot for most of the parade.

      The lights on the castle are fabulous <3

  2. Wait. There are people that do NOT sing yo-ho-ho-a-pirates-life-for-me! while riding POTC?? I don't believe it. ;)

    That line for Cava is INSANE!!!!!!!! I have never seen it like that, that's crazy...but it's tequila, so I get it! LOL. I'm glad to see you liked the tie dye cheese cake! I LOVED it before they put it in the round cups and I have seen people saying they don't like it, so I was worried it had changed. It will be the first thing I get when we go to POP in February! That waffle looks amazing too. Looks like some carbloading will be in store!

    So sad to see it end, but it looks like such a fantastic trip/race! I'm so glad you had fun and happy to see you got snuggles in with Aceface when you got home! <3

    1. Hahahaha I know Karen, It doesn't make sense...I don't know if I want to meet those people....

      I've seen long lines at La Cava but never like this.

      The cheesecake was to 'dye' for ha ha ha

      He was so cuddly when I came home it was the best homecoming ever <3

  3. What great photos! I still can't believe how huge those Wine n Dine Medals are! Hopefully the holidays will keep you busy so you don't have much "down time" until your next Disney trip!!!!!!

    1. Thank you!

      Honestly the Wine and Dine medal is ginormous!

      Work will keep me busier than the holiday's I wish the season would last longer :)

  4. Your recaps make me want to go back right now. It doesn't help that Eli had such a great time at Thanksgiving that he keeps asking if we're going back to Disney every morning... I love the Electric Light Parade photos! I keep wanting to stay for that and somehow it keeps not happening. Thanks for sharing them (I love love love the Pete's Dragon one, I swear I remember that one from when I was a kid!). And a big happy 2nd birthday to your sweetie pie!