Thursday, November 14, 2013

Welcome Home


Tuesday morning FINALLY arrived. Miguel drove me to the airport about an hour and a half before my flight. I was able to relax and charge my iPad while I waited in those awesome chairs they have. The flight was interesting to say the least but I was glad we arrived about 30 minutes early. I was nervous knowing I had registered for a Pastry Seminar at the Festival Center at 1pm. It was about 10.45am when I was able to board the Magical Express to Pop Century. Sammy had checked us in on her way to work that day and by the time I got to Pop our room was ready. Such great luck!

Although my luggage wasn't there, I had packed warm weather clothes in my carry-on bag and changed quickly. I headed to the bus stop and boarded for EPCOT. I registered for the Pasty Seminar back in August when everything initially opened up. I had never done one before and figured with all the time I'd be spending by myself I would be silly to not take advantage of this opportunity. 

I had a little big of an issue when picked up my Annual Pass but the cast member at the window was amazing and I had a blast talking with her. I made it to the Festival Center JUST IN TIME.

Each seat was set up with a recipe card, a snack size package of Craisins and a cup for water. I most definitely got very excited when I noticed there was a wine pairing with the pastry. Now I was very sure that the dessert would feature Craisins because of the relationship of Ocean Spray and Disney but I was very nervous it would be something I wouldn't like...I'm not sure what I thought it would be but I was apprehensive. 

Believe me when I said I was PSYCHED when I read it was a White Chocolate Craisin Blondie. Confession Time: I have never eaten a blondie before. But I do L-O-V-E white chocolate.

I felt like there was almost a little too much talking by the MC/Host and not enough from the experts. It was enjoyable though to hear from a sommelier and THE chef responsible for putting together the gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian, Bill Clark.

The wine paired with the White Chocolate Craisin Blondie was an Israeli Moscato. I have never had wine from Israel. It was very different from any Connecticut or mainstream wine I've had. It had a smell similar to fresh cut grass and was deliciously sweet. It was also Vegan.

Watching Bill Clark make the blondie helped me visualize myself making it for Thanksgiving. I can't wait for my family to try them!

Look how tasty!!!! It was chewy and very sweet. Unfortunately when you paired the wine with the blondie it was, in my opinion, entirely too sweet and tasted more like cut grass than anything.

All in all, I will definitely be back for another pastry seminar next year, this one was only $14. I recommend this very much as the atmosphere was enjoyable, the cost is doable and the experience is one of a kind. I can't wait to try more goodies year!
(Strongbow from the UK)

After the pastry seminar I was incredibly hungry, having only ate breakfast and then glass of wine plus a blondie was not sitting well. I stopped by La Cantina de San Angel and grabbed some chicken tacos and a margarita (what, I had to!). After walking around World Showcase once I hopped back on a Pop Century bus and headed back to the room to rest until Sammy arrived from work. She got out about 5.30pm and I was SO excited to see her!!! 

Not surprisingly enough, she loves Teppan Edo in Japan just as much as I do and we were pumped to have that be our first meal. I know I should probably hold off on this for Taste Bud Tuesday...But I just CAN'T WAIT that long!

We had purchased the dining plan so we felt completely okay with ordering whatever our hearts desired. We both opted for the Nihonbashi. The waitress said my pronunciation was perfect. Yup. That set me on Cloud 9 for the beginning of the vacation. I was very proud of myself. Nihonbashi as you can see from the menu above is a combination of both chicken and steak. The entrees come with udon noodles which happen to be my favorite, sorry Italy; beef rice, which is the first time I have had this, usually you are given white rice and seasonal vegetables. The vegetables were onions, mushrooms and cucumber. 

 Our view of the cook top.

 Cooking up the veggies!

The white sauce is 'yum yum' sauce, the middle is peanut based sauce and the right is a ginger based sauce. My favorite is the 'yum yum' sauce.

Onion volcano!

Our Chef was only 2 months into her job here. She was so lively and excited but was genuine as well. SEE! Look how cute she is!

 I will admit the portion of veggies and noodles was a little smaller than usual.


 Green Tea cheesecake with a raspberry drizzle.

This Teppan Edo experience, out of the many I have had, would have to top the list. We sat with a couple with 2 daughters and their friends. The couple without children sat closest to us and it ended up the wife was a veterinarian at Animal Kingdom. The two husbands were runners and met at Texas A&M. It was such a blast to sit with normal, down to earth, people and talk about Disney and running. 

What a beautiful end to my first day in the most magical place on earth. <3


  1. Mmmm... Looks like such a fun experience at both the pastry demonstration and Teppan Edo! Can't wait to read more about your W&D weekend! :)

    1. It was a blast! I'm going day by day! I can't wait to relive it all hahah

  2. Excuse me while I wipe the drool and then go run 5 miles from just the calories consumed LOOKING at all this! LOL. The seminar looked fun, I have wanted to do one for a while and $14 is really reasonable! So excited to read more Meg!!

    1. Hahahaha It was VERY sweet, definitely a treat only edible in moderation. It's such a great, affordable opportunity!

  3. That was a great idea you had about doing that seminar! Where was it located?

    1. I had looked at them for the past 2 years not knowing I could afford one. It was located in the Festival Center to the left of Mission: Space.

  4. That wine and pastry...omg it looks delicious! And you got to meet the chef who does the gingerbread house?! Jealous!! :0) Definitely looks like a perfect first day to a Disney vaca!!