Sunday, October 20, 2013

Insight Into A Runner's Relationship With Their Best Friend

I originally wrote this when I was going through my running funk in September. After hearing someone say to me recently that Ace is "just a dog" I feel it needs to be posted.

I've been thinking about this topic in my endless spare time from running (combo of 'overwhelmed' and 'overfocused', thank you Runners World for helping me diagnose). IF I even run, I'm only going about 2-3 miles and not going at a serious pace.

This is how I see Ace and myself...(Source)

Truthfully, this post came to me while I was engaging in one of those pathetic-half-hearted runs with my best friend; my son, my running partner, Ace. Known Alias': Ace of Base, AceFace, Puuppy. I personally don't see anything wrong with the way Ace and I interact. I talk to him on our runs, out loud. He might get a kiss or two if he needs encouragement...I consider it like if I were running with another human. Obviously, he is unable to speak back. I didn't realize until this most recent run that maybe not everyone is as open...understanding...or well...crazy as I am. It made me think about things that maybe other runners who care as deeply about their dogs are thinking.

1. No, I don't think that my dog will speak back to me and say 'yes mom, I'm tired, can we circle back home", that being said I will still ask him how he is.

2. No matter what, I will protect him at all costs. This includes possibly throwing a bag of poo at you if you come too close with your car.

3. When I give him words of encouragement, it's more for me than him; he knows this but doesn't call me out on it. We don't need your looks.

4. As much as I don't want to carry his hot poo another 1.5 miles, I won't leave it on your yard, again...We don't need your looks.

5. Neither Ace nor myself enjoy the fact you keep your own dog outside without any positive social interaction. It gives us both anxiety, show your puppy some love.

6. Teach your children manners. Please have them ASK if they may pet him. If I say NO, it's not because I hate children, it's because he is very excited and we won't make it home if he gets sidetracked, or your child might get knocked down if he jumps.

7. Yes, the water bottle I am holding is hydrating us both, we are successful at sharing. I refuse to have him become dehydrated.  

8. I do not wear headphones to make sure both him and I are protected and aware of our surroundings at all times, I still might not make eye contact with you to keep him on track.

9. When I say "Ace, ignore." It's not because he will attack you, it's my piece of training him to listen to what is coming out of my mouth over what his eyes are seeing.

10. I am committed to playing an active roll in keeping him healthy. 

I love Ace with all my heart and soul and sometimes do realize I might come across as having a not 'normal' relationship with him by the conversations we have and the amount of cuddling and kisses he gets. But he is by my side, there is no one truer.

"He is: Beauty without Vanity,
 Strength without Insolence,
 Courage without Ferocity,
 and all the Virtues of Man, 
without his Vices."


  1. By old faithful dog passed away a couple of years ago, but I treated him like a human. I loved having him on runs with me. I now have two kittens in my house that I talk to all of the time like room mates. It's not because I think they understand me, but I live by myself and it's nice to have them with me. :)

    1. I'm sorry about your best friend. I like to think they do understand us no matter what. It is a peace of calm and kindness in a sometimes less than perfect day.

  2. All this seems totally logical to's not to some people?!?! Your love for Aceface is seriously one of the things that made me want to know more about you and be friends! I love how close you are with him! For me, how much someone cares for their furry kids defines their character.

    1. I KNOW!! Thank you so much for embracing my obsession with AceFace haha I completely agree and I think that's why we get along so well <3 We just get each other.

  3. This makes me smile :) I love knowing there are people out there who love their dogs that much, and I am one of them. Every single point you made hits home with me. I have two dogs at home and yes, I absolutely treat them like family, because they are my children!

    1. I'm glad this made you smile :) Same here! I am so happy to find you all feeling the same way about your furry children.

  4. Absolutely. Every member of my family is treated the same, whether they have hands/feet or paws. They're family, and I will talk to them even if they can't talk back.

    1. I love the way you think!!! <3 They are family!