Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pipes in the Valley

Those in Connecticut whether of Celtic descent or not look forward to Pipes in the Valley every year. Pipes in the Valley celebrates all things Celtic! 

It has taken me a little to embrace my Irish heritage. My mothers side of the family is Irish and my fathers side is Polish.



I mean look at us....I have always identified with my fathers side more because...I look just like him. At any family gathering we are the only blondes with blue eyes. hahaha. Even though I look like him I am told all the time my mannerisms are just like my mothers. In more recent years I have begun to really enjoy being half Irish and half Polish.

Okay, now that that tangent is done...if you'll follow me back to the original story. Pipes in the Valley. 

So two years ago when Ojciec said to me, "hey, I'm gunna pick you up in a little wanna go to Pipes in the Valley?" Without even knowing what that means I said "YES". I have such a blast with him whenever we go out that no matter where it is I will go. 

When we got there I was so blown away. The amount of people, the excitement, this event is done R-I-G-H-T.

We like to park on the other side of the bridge, it's easier to get out once you are ready to go home, plus this is the best view of the festival. Three years ago it was just him and me. Two years ago we decided to bring Kemmy Lou. This year we brought along Matka, RyRy, so now it is a whole family event <3

There are bands playing all day long on the main stage. Our favorite band is the Red Hot Chili Pipers. Cute huh! What a clever idea. They are probably the festival favorite as well. There is also a strong man competition aspect as well family activities held all day.

Riverfront Recapture is an effort to help bring events and people to the area. I love the idea but would love other events like Pipes in the Valley to happen here.

The drink tents are a crowd favorite. I get so excited for draft Strongbow. Strongbow is a hard cider and can also be found on tap at the Rose and Crown in the United Kingdom Pavilion of EPCOT. Whether or not you are a beer drinker I always recommend it to people. Old Burnside Brewing also is highlighted here, a local brewery out of East Hartford. My father loves their beer.

Is that a smile Kemmy Lou?!

Kemba LOVES this event because she is in love with people. She is so well behaved. I am constantly impressed by her demeanor.

This year Pipes and the Valley was the same day as the Hogsback Half Marathon. Even though I ate after running I was starving by the time I got to the event. I decided to go somewhat healthy and get the sweet potato chips and I also had my first corn dog. Unfortunately, I ate it too fast to actually take a photo, but I will say I am now head over heels in love with the idea and flavor of a corn dog. I can't believe that I have gone 26 years of life without having one. I am very excited that Downtown Disney will be getting a food truck featuring the famous Disneyland Corn Dog.

The saddest sight at any almost empty glass of Strongbow.

Members of the Red Hot Chili Pipers heading to their cars.

I love this event and look forward to it all year. Now that my entire family goes I am even more excited for the next year.

Do you have an event like this near you?


  1. Looks like so much fun! But you have never had a corndog until then?! My jaw dropped a little when I read that lol :0) Corndogs are quite yummy!

    1. Never...It's shocking right! I don't know why I never had one until then. Thank goodness for post-half marathon hunger! hahah They are delicious!

  2. Sounds like a great event! We have several events similar to that throughout the year but none based on Celtic tradition.

    1. That's awesome! What are the events you guys have like?

  3. We don't have anything like this, but it looks like a lot of fun!

    1. But you have that Nations around the World event, THAT is cool!