Sunday, October 20, 2013

Island Boost Taste Test

For this post Island Boost provided me with 2 samples of their new Chocolate flavor and 2 Passion Fruit boosts as a thank you as well. Although they asked me to taste it obviously all opinions are my own.... (does that shock anyone?)

I hate that I have waited so long to write this as I already used both samples I was given. I was so excited to be chosen for the opportunity to test out an Island Boost product. I had heard about them prior to receiving a packet in my Stridebox a couple of months ago, when I finally got my hands on it I became an instant fan. I will say I was hesitate to try something chocolate flavored but figured if Island Boost wasn't like other companies maybe their version of chocolate would be different too...

The plus' of Island Boost over let's say traditional energy gels are:
-Requires NO water to be consumed with it
-Limits/Eliminates stomach trouble associated with other gels
-Immediate results
-Coconut Water makes it easier to take

Truthfully they had me at "no water needed". I am a brat and I will be the first to admit it. I hate carrying water. Loathe it....can't really explain why but I do. So there. Sorry water, it's not's you.

I knew I wanted to use the chocolate flavored one during my upcoming half but knew better than going into a race like that without trying it first. So the Wednesday before the ING Hartford Half Marathon I went on a 4 mile run and decided to see how I felt about it....

I am a converted believer. The chocolate was smooth, flavorful and REAL. I have no idea how they did it, but it tastes like you are transported to a scene from La Chocolat instead of the clearance aisle at CVS. Holy moly...good golly miss molly.... I really cannot say enough. It even has the flavor of chocolate AFTER you've finished it. I am SO happy I offered up my taste buds to try this out and can promise I will be purchasing it when it becomes available.

Winner, winner, chocolate dinner.

Oh and by the way. IT'S ONLY 70 CALORIES!


  1. Nice! I didn't realize you didn't have to drink water with this.

    1. Other than the taste of it that's my favorite part!

  2. Wow, I will have to check that out. Sounds delicious!

  3. No water?! I would definitely be willing to try it! I've never seen this brand in stores, where can you find it?

    1. REI stores or on their website you will totally love it!