Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Taste Bud Tuesday - San Angel Inn

Truthfully, this is my favorite restaurant, in my favorite 'attraction', in my favorite park, in my favorite place in the whole world. I really believe I should have been born Mexican. My Babchi is probably rolling in her grave right now that I would rather cook and eat Mexican over Polish food but I can't help it...This place is a MUST on every vacation taken.

The atmosphere is probably one of my favorites, yes it is a little cramped and dark, but you feel like you are in a restaurant in Mexico when here. (Minus the volcano and Mayan temple being real.)

Restaurant Sign


Before I go overboard with my obsession of the Jalapeno Margarita and you shake your head saying "No, Meg, no, how could that be good!?" JUST. DO. IT. So far that motto has worked for Nike. They built an empire on it. Now drink this margarita while contemplating your own Mayan empire. The jalapeno and cucumber are muddled in the bottom of the shaker and tequila and lime juice and agave nectar are added. mmm mmm mmm. Talk about heaven. There is no real kick of jalapeno unless you actually bite into the pieces you get in your drink. Oh! But before I forget the salt on the rim, DOES definitely have a spicy punch to it, so stick to the straw if you can't handle heat.

Jalapeno Margarita

I feel like a regular some times when I eat here, I refuse to try anything else. The Pollo a las Rajas is my go to dish. I apologize I do not have a brighter photo here, don't let that deter you! It is juicy chicken on rice with creme fresh and Monterey Jack cheese on top. LORDY LORDY, is it tasty. Portion size is perfect too.

Pollo a las Rajas

Because I usually eat my entire entree including the multiple orders of chips and salsa as well as a couple margaritas, I rarely if ever get dessert here. One of the times I did (DDP) I opted for the chocolate mousse with berries. The texture and flavor are amazing. I would definitely get it again...if I wasn't so stuffed. Every. Time. I. Go.

Chocolate Mousse

Have you eaten here? What is your favorite part? Would you eat here if you haven't?


  1. I have not eaten here yet, but definitely need to! I love Mexican food!

  2. OMG DO IT DO IT DO IT! You will not regret it! I will put money on it!

  3. I'm hoping to get there for marathon weekend. I've always wanted to try it but I always forget about it. Mexican is my favorite, too!

    1. Don't forget! Make a point to go there! Even to just visit La Cava del Tequila! <3