Friday, October 18, 2013

Taste Bud Tuesday - EPCOT Food and Wine Festival

In honor of EPCOT's Food and Wine Festival I have decided to dedicate this Taste Bud Tuesdays' post to some of my favorites!

OF COURSE I have to highlight Poland first!

Verdict: The keilbasa is, for me, enough to have me get this little plate. Unforunately having made home-made pierogi, I can tell this is not fresh, it is frozen and that ruins it a little for me. But really the keilbasa is to die for. 

Verdict: Probably my favorite bite of the Festival. The roll holds up to it's contents. The pineapple chutney is refreshing and the pork is deliciously tender. They are like Pringles just isn't enough...

Verdict: The way Goldmember loves gold is how I feel about this platter... I love cheeeeeeeeeeese. The cheese has such a selection but not too out there so you wouldn't enjoy it. The bread doesn't over power, it complements and the apple chutney is mmm mmm good. You'll love this if you aren't looking for something too filling but something tasty.

Always the first stop one I am on Disney property.

Verdict: If I could be upset with Disney over one thing in my entire would be the fact this Strawberry Lime Margarita is NOT back for the 2013 Festival...It was SO perfect. Luckily the chips and guacamole above this sip of heaven here are not an event only occurrence. You can snack on those year round!


  1. I was at the F&W festival for the first time ever this year! And a strawberry lime margarita sounds WAY better than the one Mexico had this year - a mango habanera margarita. Yuck! Still so much other yummy stuff at this festival though!

  2. oh darn Lauren I was really looking forward to trying it! I will say they strawberry lime was to die for. I can't wait to go this year for the Wine and Dine Half! EEEE 15 days!