Tuesday, February 18, 2014

An Open Letter To My Baby Brother As He Joins The United States Army...

Dear Ryan,
I had to said goodbye to you this morning as I'll be 1800 miles away when you leave for bootcamp. Since you told mom and dad that you enlisted I've been torn about my feelings.

However, last night I had an amazing dream and realized that this is the right path you have chosen.

In my dream you were saving not hundreds of people at a time but one at a time. You were putting your heart and soul into each and every citizen and soldier in need. You were impacting their lives beyond what even my own dreams could comprehend. Whether you are a medic, a ranger, or special forces I know you will be what the US Army needs and wants. You are what I will tell my children and your children about when they ask.

Initially, I was terrified and feeling selfish. You are the same person who does not create nor enjoy conflict or drama. You are easy going and laid back. You are the kind of funny that hits you later and makes you laugh for hours. It wasn't that I didn't think you could be a soldier I just didn't want you to lose the innocence I've always associated with you. 

I also was angry, we still have so much to work through to get where I want to be with us. There are still things from the past, people who enjoyed ruining our relationship but I could see you slowly starting to give me another chance and realize they were wrong and always have been. I would kill for you and I thought what I was doing back then is what would make you understand how much I love you but it wasn't the right way.

Now...my emotions have turned towards pride and any tears I shed are because I am so proud I cannot handle those emotions. I've seen you dedicate yourself physically to being successful by working out and eating right...but not in the 'diet' sense but as a lifestyle change and stick to it.

Your dedication is so incredibly impressive. It's proven to me that you are ready for this and you will be a great soldier.

So as I said goodbye to you today I know I said goodbye to the Baby Ryan I grew up with and will meet an unmatched man in May. I cannot wait for that transformation.

Good luck and don't forget to shoot first and ask questions later...

I love you always. HOOAH💚


  1. Beautifully said! :)
    Ryan, I wish you the best of luck!!

  2. Beautifully written :0) Best of luck to your brother, and a huge thanks to him for serving! Also sending you hugs in spirit - I know how you feel. My brother went to Army BCT last September and is currently in his individual training in San Antonio until late April to become a combat medic. As of right now, his first assignment will be South Korea, and I already can't wait for him to be back!!

    1. Thank you. Thank your brother for me too! It's nice to know I have someone else going through the exact same thing <3

  3. Wonderful letter, hugs to the both of you!

  4. Wonderful letter to your brother! He'll definitely take your love and support with him. :)

    1. Thank you Kim. I know he knows I love him. I just am so proud of him. <3