Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mission: 4 Parks, 1 Day

After my mini-sleepcoma I woke up ready to take advantage of my first full day in Disney. Boy oh boy was it cold though. I believe my phone said 39 degrees.... burrr. I put on my scarf and used my Rapunzel locks as a shield from the cold. I knew I needed to hydrate but I wanted to explore.

I have never stayed at All Start Sports before and thought I'd take my time sightseeing even if it was freezing for Florida.

I love how family oriented All Start Sports is. Even with the weather there were constantly families outside playing on the 'turf'.

After short walk around I couldn't stand the cold and decided to hit Animal Kingdom first. It is one of the hidden gems of WDW I think. Even though it is a park, I don't believe it always gets the credit it deserves. Plus I figured it's usually a good 10 degrees warmer there anyway.

I could not have been happier the tree out front was still up! I hadn't really paid attention to it in November when I was running past it for the Jingle Jungle 5k. It has to be my favorite tree on Disney property.

My favorite ornament as usual is the lion.

I was looking for my Margarita hut, and when I realized it was closed because of the weather I hightailed it to EPCOT. I knew 11am was close and I'd be able to have a delicious Mexican meal when the pavilions opened.

If you have never seen what I'd like to call the 'opening ceremonies' of the pavilions you HAVE TO make a point to try. In all my years going to EPCOT I had no idea this was a daily occurrence. 

I couldn't function much longer without food so after a quick walk around the Plaza de los Amigos I went outside in the cold and stopped by La Cantina de San Angel. I got the chicken tacos and as you can see, I have a mild obsession with the very spicy chipotle salsa. My meal was cold very fast but I enjoyed it so much. I tried sitting in the sun but lets be real. 39 well...39 degrees.

Now that I had a bit of liquid heat and a belly full of food I attempted to tackle World Showcase thinking my best option would be to stop in every single building possible.

These lovely lamps in China provided me with a bit of finger rewarming. I bet I looked a little odd but I couldn't help it.

Next stop was Germany! I had to follow my nose to the Karamell-Kuche. The smells are intoxicating. Everything looked so delicious I couldn't decide. That was until I noticed the Caramel Corn.

I enjoyed my snack as I walked through France...

Eventually making my way to the International Gateway I hopped on a Boat to the Boardwalk. I had yet to officially make it to the NEW IMPROVED Boardwalk Bakery.

LORDY LORDY! Look at all these goodies! 

I settled on a delicious Strawberry Cupcake and a hummus cup.

No stop at the Boardwalk is complete without visiting Joe's Marvelous Margaritas...let me tell you, they ARE marvelous.

The warmth from Mexico had worn off and I needed something that would help me get to the Swan and Dolphin Boat launch. Mmm mmm mmm did it work.

I may or may not have gotten side tracked as I had to send a couple photos to loved ones haha

Finally I had made it to MGM and again was so pumped to see another Christmas tree still up!

My first stop was to go to the Brown Derby Lounge...well I realized with the cold I wouldn't be sitting outside and was sat inside in an awkwardly small space with a waitress who was less stellar than my previous one. I got my margarita flight and relaxed.

Instead of wasting time ordering food at the Brown Derby, it was packed by the way, I hopped on a bus to the Magic Kingdom and thus sealing the deal. 4 parks. 1 day. When I text'd my parents they even said they didn't think they had ever done that before. Although my phone was beginning to die I was starving. This was my third Christmas Tree sighting of the day <3.

I was hoping Minnie would be good to me as I was running the Inaugural 10k.

Oh Pacos Bill. I love you and your pulled pork sandwich.

Hello Lover...

By now my feet were killing me and my phone had maybe 10% battery left. I decided to go back to the AS Sports and relax until Sammy got back from work. I maybe feel asleep. I was still exhausted from my full airport day. 

It had been probably 3 or 4 years since I've eaten at Olivia's at Old Key West. I was looking forward to a low key quiet meal and that was exactly what Sammy and I got. It was so much fun, our waiter was a little quirky which gave us a good laugh.

I decided on a healthier meal. Pan seared chicken breast, asparagus and dirty rice. DELICIOUS. I was proud of myself and didn't end up feeling sick afterwards. I love when I make good choices.

Then of course....when in Key West, there is only one option for desert. Key Lime Pie. This happens to be my favorite on property or well anywhere...

After the meal we went back to our room and relaxed. The Expo was the next day and I needed all the energy I could get.


  1. 1. You're killing me with all those amazing dessert pictures!
    2. Now I want to go to Disney right away!
    3. I've been to Disney a zillion times and NEVER done all four parks in one day.
    4. I've been to Disney a zillion times and NEVER knew they did opening ceremonies at the Countries in Epcot!
    Great pictures, looks like a fun trip!

    1. 1. I KNOW RIGHT?!?
      2. Soooooo soon lady!
      3. You should! It was actually a lot of fun!
      4. ME TOO, my goal is to see the other pavilions now.

      It was an interesting trip, similar to a roller coaster. haha

  2. This post is all kinds of awesome. I need margarita flight STAT..and what the what....they have opening in World Showcase...I need to go with out the family to WDW more often :-) GREAT post, fab photos..and yes, i loved the AK tree at W&D!

    1. Thank you! OMG You do need that Margarita flight! It was out of this world!

      Don't we all need to go more hahaha

  3. I never knew they did those opening ceremonies either, although I remember them doing the characters on the double decker bus at the opening of WS. Do they still do that?

    1. No I don't think so, I just remembered that when you said it! I can't believe they took it away. :(

  4. Last February, Savannah & I had a whirlwind 4 parks 1 day on our last day! It was so much fun, we actually did Epcot twice that day b/c we took the boat to grab a FP for later...AND we went to the pool for an hour! It was a blast! You are a margarita-girl-after-my-own-heart Meg! LOVE it and I'm so excited, just 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!

    1. Daaaamn! You two are beasts! I couldn't do all that! I need that nap (maybe 2) And we HAVE TO, not should, we HAVE TO have a margarita together <3

    2. DONE! Cava opens at 11am, right? That will be the plan! Well, if we are finished and cleaned up by then. I'm pretty sure, yes? I keep trying to time stuff in my head but then it just freaks me out when I realize I'm going to be running for three HOURS. LOL

  5. All those desserts I REALLY want that key lime pie, like right now!

    I've never tried all 4 parks in one day, but I am always up for a challenge!

    1. Sadly never got to try that Strawberry cupcake so I cannot comment on it but the Key Lime Pie is worth doing something illegal for it, that good!

  6. I love Key Lime Pie! I have a great recipe and my family and I made it into Key Lime bars for 4th of July.

    1. Lady! I might need that recipe! I have yet to be able to make a good one at home!