Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pluto Family Fun Run 5k: Volunteer Status

Boy oh Boy did 2.30am come around fast!. Sammy and I got dressed and zombie walked ourselves to the car. When we got to EPCOT we literally had to park in the second to last space in the opposite direction. We couldn't help but laugh. 

When we got to the Volunteer tent we were given jackets and something to eat. Small snacks and water but it sure was delicious.

Sammy and I both were given the Refreshment Test Assignment. I could not have been happier! OCD in full bloom. We spent all morning organizing boxes and bananas.

Although it was a little hard for me to not be running the 5k I seriously enjoyed the Pluto theme. Anytime puppies are involved I can't help it.

Loved the jacket!

We got put in a group with some awesome volunteers and had so much fun with them. One of the girls and I would definitely have been friends outside of this gig. We both booked it for the characters before runners arrived to snag some photos. I wasn't about to give up that opportunity! Donald however was seriously twerking when I arrived for my photo. Odd, yet very eye opening.

Love these two nuts!

It was so amazing to give out the refreshment boxes to runners and get to congratulate them. I loved the feeling of every moment. I will definitely be looking for more opportunities to volunteer for runDisney events. So many of them even took the time to say "Thank you Meg!"....freaked me out they knew who I was, until I realized I had a name tag on....yup.

On our way back to the car, which we parked near the Magic Kingdom............ we saw them putting up the 10k banner. We started to get so pumped!

Sammy hadn't gotten a chance to get her bib and shirt and visit the expo so we swung by there after the 5k. It was completely empty compared to the day before. 

Is it bad I saw this shirt and wanted to get it for Ace.... I can't wait until I do run a marathon. Then he WILL be wearing this shirt.

You could actually see the floor in the New Balance area today as opposed to the day before.

I mean look how empty!

I had to share a real dream on mine on the chalkboard on the New Balance wall. I really would love to have an end to BSL one day, soon.

At this point Sammy and I still hadn't signed up for Cinderellas Royal Family 5k...but we couldn't deny it any longer! Look at this fabulous medal we will be adding to our collection!

All of the Princess Half Weekend Medals I will be adding to my post race swagger.

After the expo we went back to the room and crashed, big time. I can't remember if we even ate. We probably did but I know we were so spent that we just wanted to sleep. We had dinner reservations at Teppan Edo later on.

Once we arrived in EPCOT we walked towards Japan. I was SO excited we took the route we did because we had to pass through Morocco. The Spice Road Table is what I think Morocco needed to save itself. 

The only thing open at that time (by open, I mean, not covered in walls was the Juice Bar.

After that bit of excitement I couldn't wait to eat! On to Teppan Edo!

I love this meal so much.

Mmmmm green tea cheesecake

On our way back to our room we double checked the schedule.

Flat Meg was ready! Not only did I have a great outfit with another skirt customized by A Princess Prerogative but we were able to grab a box of runners goodies at the food court. It had an apple, a bagel, peanut butter and a water. I love that Disney has thought about their runners. And of course my cheez-it's. My go-to snack before I run. It happens to be one of the only things I can eat without feeling sick when I'm running.

I set my alarm and even though Sammy and I knew we needed to sleep the darn Disney Channel always gets you, Radio Rebel was on and you better believe we watched it till the end.


  1. Glad you had a great time volunteering! We volunteered for the half last year! Too bad it never occurred to us to get character pictures! Your race outfit is just too cute!

    1. I played a little bit of hooky from my assignment by running over to the characters, but I just couldn't help it! hahah

  2. Volunteering for a Disney race sounds like a lot of fun!! Waking up early would be hard of course, but that is what naps are for right? :0)

    Did you end up getting anything from the Spice Road Table? If you did, how was it?

    I love your Minnie outfit!!

    1. It was completely worth it!

      Spice Road Table wasn't completely open on this particular day but by Saturday it was. I didn't get to eat there but everything smelled amazing!

      Thank you :)

  3. Might have volunteered if I hadn't been wrapped up in plans for marathon weekend. Maybe one day I'll volunteer for a race. I find it so funny about the Spice Road. The first day I was in EPCOT it looked to still be under construction, then a couple days later, it was open.

    1. I know, they really hid everything really well making you think it was nowhere near completion and then BAM!

  4. I volunteered for this half this year and it was such a great experience. I'd love to do it again for the 5k or the kids races. Looks like yall had fun!

    1. We had a blast! I tried to volunteer for the half but got waitlisted sadly. The 5k was such a good time!

  5. What an awesome day!! Volunteering, fun Epcot times, and falling asleep to the Disney Channel...I love it! :D