Sunday, February 9, 2014

It's a wonderful day for an Expo!

After an amazing nights sleep...the next morning was Expo day. 

I have some pretty bad anxiety for those aka ALL OF YOU who don't know. I don't talk about it because it is mostly internal and I don't tend to show it very much. While I may seem calm on the outside I am flipping back and forth inside. I wouldn't say I 'black out' but I block out the outside and end up having to talk to myself internally to calm myself back down. I was really getting anxious about the shoes thing. They put up a step by step the day before on how to order them and I really wasn't in the mood to be around a ton of people with my anxiety so high. Well...that ended up being exactly what happened.

They had the ground mapped out with these shoes to take you to the virtual queue. But I saw the line before I saw these.

I had initial plans to purchase shoes for someone else, NOT myself, which is why I was so dedicated to getting them. When I got ESPN's Wide World of Sports there was already a pretty interesting line. I jumped in and stood in the cold waiting...I truthfully can't remember when Samantha dropped me off, but THANK GOD she did. The line only progressively grew. After, I think 45 minutes we began to move and ended up winding around Champion Stadium....and around...and finally we were at the "Virtual Queue". Warning: I'm going to sound like a jerk. Why is it so difficult for people to put in their information and move along....It boggles my mind that people are so careless about those behind them. Okay. Done.

After I put in my name and email and phone number for a text notification as to when I would go over to Josten's to pick those shoes up I headed over to Josten's anyway to get my Expo on. Check out these beauties.

I was pretty pleased after standing in the long line for shoes that there was PLENTY of merchandise. However, when I started walking the isles....all I saw was one, sad, lonely shirt for the INAUGURAL 10k... YES, INAUGURAL, as in first ever. 1 shirt. That's it. Not even a Sweaty Band...nothing. Now while it did wonders for my wallet I was still incredibly disappointed seeing as how they went NUTS for every other race being held that weekend.

After wandering around I decided to go get my bib and race shirt. The lines were not that long, thank goodness.

I LOVED the colors on the bib.

I decided to take a seat on the ground and wait for my text to come for the New Balance shoes. I had talked to a couple different New Balance employees prior to actually getting the shoes. Now I apologize if this is confusing. I talked to a man in line for the Virtual Queue, told him I was buying shoes for someone else, asked if I could change sizes at Princess if they didn't fit. He said that shouldn't be an issue because I wasn't looking for a refund. Then while waiting for my text I walked up and spoke to another man working for NB and he was an incredible douche. Saying, with an attitude, that these shoes were limited edition, no exchanges, no refunds. I didn't bother wasting my breath on him. I walked away stressed and upset. I 'phoned a friend' and they said to just pass on getting the shoes for that person. I then figured, if I'm waiting here I might as well get something that I want. The more ladies walking out and trying on their Cinderella themed shoes helped make my decision easy. I got the sweetest and kindest and probably the most enthusiastic NB employee there, she fitted me and talked to me and when I asked her about the size exchange I had initially asked 2 other employees about she said that should be no problem and that she would go talk to someone higher up to get me an answer. Already I had made up my mind so I just thanked her for being so sweet and considerate. And I walked up to the register to make my purchase.

On my way to the buses I had to get a good picture of the poster they had out. <3

I got back to the room rather quick and was starving and cold. I wanted to go somewhere where I could grab a good drink and a somewhat healthy meal and stay warm. Downtown Disney it was. Plus they hadn't cleaned our room yet, so I needed to book it.

When you use Disney Transportation and get off the bus, one of the first stores you see is the Christmas store. I had to walk through, look at this adorable ornament someone had customized.

I hightailed it to Raglan Road as my stomach started to grumble. I was hoping I'd be able to grab a seat that the bar and to my luck I was just in time. I sat down and immediately ordered a Magner's. Magners is an Irish Hard Cider; it is NOT like American ciders or English ciders so don't dive in head first if you are a fan of either of those. This has a different after taste that I am not in love with but will most definitely down in desperation.

Guinness and olive oil. mmm mmm mmm can't go wrong with this and a little bread as a starter. AND it's free.

Usually the Irish Meat Fest is what I order here, but that is a 2 person mission. After looking at the Soup and Salad lunch combo and finding out that it was Potato soup, (duh I mean it is Raglan Road, no potato soup would be against being Irish) I immediately ordered that. The soup was delicious and the salad was very refreshing. It was the perfect lunch.

After lunch I made it back to the room to inspect my gorgeous shoes. This is the new New Balance box they were talking about during the Wine and Dine Meet Up. Will I keep it? Probably, but only because it's where I will put this vacations keepsakes until I make a scrapbook.

They are so beautiful.

I love all views of these shoes. They also come with blue ribbon laces as well.

Also as I am writing this I am wearing probably my new favorite race shirt. I love love love the feel of it.

That night, Samantha and I had reservations at Ohana. We added her boyfriend Josh onto it and we drove off to meet him. Our reservation was for like 9.20pm I think. Bad choice, we were already so tired from the day.

But I can't lie, the Poly is probably my favorite resort on property. I love the views all over the place. 

As we were waiting for our table...which wasn't ready until about 9.45pm, late late late! Josh went and got himself and me drinks! The meal was amazing. I am so upset I didn't take pictures, I will next time. I PROMISE! We had such an amazing meal but didn't get back to the room until near 11.30pm. We were all so full and tired.

Josh stayed with us and was actually a good sport when we had to leave at 2.15am-2.30am for the 5k we decided to volunteer for. More about that!


  1. Mmm all the Disney food you post on your blog makes me happy! I don't know if I can wait until November to be back at Disney lol!! :0)

    I loooove the Cinderella shoes - they are gorgeous and just plain perfect. I was able to snag a pair at the Tink expo a few weeks ago!!

    1. hahahah I am so happy I will be back in just days. I love all the food hahah

      Congrats on your Cindy shoes too! Aren't they adorable!

  2. I'm not really one for all the offician merchandise hype or the shoe hype, but if I was, I'd definitely go for the Cinderella shoes. All the small details make it amazing, and as much as I love pink, the Cinderella shoes stand out so much more than the Minnie shoes.

    1. I completely agree, these Cindy sneakers are just too cute! I love Minnie but I couldn't pass up the ones I got.