Thursday, February 13, 2014

Inaugural Walt Disney World 10k: Minnie Mouse

Although Sammy and I did stay up much later than we wanted, our adrenaline was pumping as we got ready! We both were in Corral D. We had our snack boxes and walked over to our balloon lit corral.

At the end of December I learned that I had made it into a Pilot Runner Program. Excuses aside, it didn't work out. But I did get to meet two fantastic ladies!

Sammy and I were ready to go! (to sleep I think)

We had a little bit of a wait.

Fireworks make the time pass faster <3

Almost ready to go!

And we were off! Sorry about the blurriness of this photo, there was an awesome DJ pumping up the runners on the overpass. It definitely helped get my excitement going!

We turned around about a mile or so in and headed back towards the parking lot in EPCOT. The line for Captain Hook and Smee was so incredibly long we decided to pass it. The course from there to the backlot of EPCOT really seems to take a long time. When we finally hit it, there was a Green Army Man standing there, with a line of 1 person Sammy and I pulled off to the side to grab a photo....well he was going to take a break, that's why the line was so short.

Finally we entered into EPCOT and who did we see... MUSHU! We had a short internal/external debate with ourselves and each other and decided to stand in line. We were just 2 people away from getting our photo and booking it...and Mushu had to take a break. We stood there with our anxiety levels reaching critcal levels. The moment we saw him come back we snagged this photo and began to pick up the pace around world showcase, but not too fast.

 My favorite mile marker.

We saw the Genie had little to no line and hopped in real quick.

As we continued around World Showcase we exited the International Gateway towards the Boardwalk I snapped this photo. This is my favorite place on property.

We went around the Boardwalk and passed Goofy dressed as a football player but unfortunately he was a busy dude with a long line. He did wave to us though. We took our time on the wooden parts of the Boardwalk as they can be VERY slippery.

I love this part of the course too because there were spectators out cheering for the runners and people on their balconies watching us pass. It was such a great time. We made it past the Yacht and Beach Clubs back towards the International Gateway again cheering for those who were passing in our footsteps.

We saw Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb and we HAD to stop for a picture. This would prove to be the trickiest choice we made all day as we were in line and the infamous Balloon Ladies passed by us letting us know we had fallen behind the 16 mm limit. 

We stayed for the picture and ended up catching up, and then passing them. Securing us safely a medal.

And I am officially a finisher! Once we crossed we were happy to be done, collected our medals and hopped on the bus.

Back at the room to relax with my new bling.

So so so pretty!

On our way to grab something to eat we saw this baby proudly displaying his medal. What a champ. One day Ace will run with me at Disney!

After grabbing something to fill our tummies Sammy and I split up knowing we would meet back up at Downtown Disney. We had to check out of All Star Sports and I was going to be spending the night with the Founder of Running for Rescues at Saratoga Springs! My first stop once I hit Downtown Disney was the Margarita Bar. You can't not celebrate completing a 10k AND your fathers birthday without a drink!

Sto Lat Ojciec!

While I was sitting have a drink I had a beautiful piece of art being drawn up for my baby back home. I could not be more in love! Now I just need a frame to hang it <3

Once the drawing was complete I relaxed and waiting for Sammy to join me. We then went from DTD to Saratoga Springs to drop off my luggage. It was about 3.30ish I think so we just decided to go over to Animal Kingdom Lodge for our most exciting dinner of the trip! We had made group reservations with Racing the Dream on Facebook.

I was nervous but an excited nervous to meet more new people (in person) and have a delicious meal at Boma!

The dinner was an absolute blast! I feel like I met some of the most amazing, genuine, fun people I will ever meet! The company was better than the food but I would do it again in a heartbeat! It was the best way to cap off my last full day.

Afterwards Sammy dropped me back off at Saratoga and I said goodbye to her. I got to spend time with Jodi (the Founder of R4R) and her family and it was like home. Her family is so amazing and made me feel so welcome. I had some serious knee pain to the point that I just gave up looking for sheets for the pull out couch and just grabbed a pillow and put my leg up. Jodi's mother and sister then found the sheets when they got back and made hte bed. It's hard to express how much it meant to me to be treated like family. Especially when you've only met people once.

I fell asleep to the Disney Channel.


  1. I love everything about this post, I don't even know where to start!! Firstly, congrats on the race. You look adorable in your Minnie outfit, and that medal is awesome! That is too cool you saw Mushu!

    I looooove love love that drawing for your Ace! What the person who drew it for you at a Downtown Disney shop?

    I'm glad you had a great time at your last full day at Disney, and that you were able to spend time with the founder of Running for Rescues! So neat!! :0)

    1. Thank you! I had the skirt custom made :) Isn't the medal great! And Mushu was worth the wait!

      It was at a place next near the dock where the Margarita Bar is. When I remember the name I will let you know ASAP!

      She is AMAZING It was so cool to be able to spend time with her and her family. Runners and rescuers are amazing people <3

  2. First off, super cute outfit. Secondly, Why are the characters at the race in need of a break, what?? I never heard of a character leaving during a race. That's crazy!
    Thirdly, of course I Love that retriever pic with the medal! I hope you can run with Ace like that some day!

    1. Thank you! The skirt was a liiiiiiiitle hot after a while. And I guess the characters still stick to their break schedules during races eventhough it sounds crazy!!!!

      Isn't he ADORABLE! I hope so too, crossing my fingers and his paws.

  3. I had serious medal envy whenever I saw the 10k medals. Disney did good.

    1. It is heavy and definitely a job well done by their artists!

  4. What a fun recap! Looking forward to seeing you next weekend!!

    1. I'm so glad I got to see you, even if it was only brief!

  5. This sounds like such a fun race! Glad y'all were able to pass up the balloon ladies...I would have been so freaked out! Great recap! :0)

    1. We did freak out until I realized we were behind the scenes in EPCOT, Not saying they couldn't sweep but It would be incredibly stupid if they did!