Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Let me tell you 'bout my best friend!

Woohoo! Thank you all you crazy people for viewing my blog! I have made it over 100 pageviews. Gosh I didn't think anyone would care enough to see what I have to say. I mean. I'm not really an authority on anything (except margaritas...don't forget that). I just have recently found an uncontrollable passion for running and getting healthy. Like my bio says I am only 25 but I guarantee I have the metabolism of a 400 year old person. I took advantage of my perfect size and weight when I was in high school/beginning college. I thought I could live like that forever. Boy, does it catch up to you. 

I only say my 'perfect size and weight' because looking back at pictures from those days I can remember feeling 'fat' or 'ugly' and realize now I wasn't mentally healthy. I feel like this is karma's way of saying 'oh yeah, you think THAT was bad'. I am almost thankful (almost) that I have been through the changes I have been so I could realize what was wrong before it was too late. I am psyched to share my journey with you all too. 

It was almost like it clicked one day. For all of you who do not personally know me and do not know my boyfriend Miguel, he is an ACE certified personal trainer, is huge into fitness and has what feels like an endless bound of knowledge of how to get healthy and stay that way as well as an obsessive commitment and drive to working out (it's actually impressive). I admit I listened selectively over the years but it wasn't until we rescued Ace that I realized another living being was relying on me to stay healthy, so I needed to be ASAP. I guess you could say it was maybe how mothers feel after giving birth? I dunno. I can't say I know what that is like, I don't have any human children. I just realized although Miguel needs me to be healthy and fit for our future Ace is dependent upon me to have a long, healthy life.

When we brought this little ball of fire home playing in the back yard with the frisbee was good enough. A short walk about three houses down....and then back. He was a little bit of a brat when it came to his leash. But once he got older, he needed to expend his energy more. Our walks started off a little stop and go. Stop sniff a fire hydrant, speed up and go to the nearest garbage can, stop smell the garbage can, go towards the smell of another dog, stop and sniff the air. But once him and I got into a groove it proved to be the best relationship building I could ask for. I remember on our first 4 mile run he slowed down to a dead stop and looked at me like 'alright mom, I'm done, carry me home' (this was of course after being dragged for the previous 3.5 miles) it was the first time I, myself, had to cheer on someone else. I kissed him on the nose, and said 'lets go!' I continued to cheer him on saying I was so proud of him and that we would take a nap when we got home, daddy so proud of him, it felt amazing.

The reason I'm going all History Channel on you is to hopefully say to someone, if you have the time and commitment for a dog, FOR ITS WHOLE LIFE, it might be just the thing to save you. The unconditional love, the need for energy, its that whole working out with a partner thing without the excuses of them having to work late etc. There is no excuse, your dog spends more than half it's life waiting for you to come home. If that isn't powerful guilt I don't know what is. The second reason I am saying all this is so that you can know that rescued dogs need love too, they are the best kinds of dogs around. He is no pure breed by any means and for that I am proud to be his Momma. He is a lab, pit, greyhound, beast, lovebug mix. Before he was with us he was a stray off of the streets of Texas. He was picked up by  Lab Rescue Network and brought to CT where he only spent maybe a week with his foster family until we met him. We changed his life by rescuing him, but he has changed mine more.

Okay, so now that you know a little bit more about why I am passionate for exercise I hope this gives you a chance to look at your own self and say what can I change about my life and what amazing benefits will I reap from it!

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