Friday, March 22, 2013

"What do you do when things go wrong? Oh! You sing a song!"-Snow White

runDisney has made it official today! The Dopey Challenge is a new option for the next level of obsessed runners at the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. It will extend the festivities by an extra day.

(pricing is for each individual race and the first price deadline after June 18th they all go up)

Thursday is the 5k-$60
Friday is the 10k (BRAND NEW EEEEEEE!)-$95
Saturday is the half marathon-$160
Sunday is the full marathon-$160

The price tag for the Dopey Challenge is mighty hefty - $495 before the additional fee from but what I love the most about it is you get all 4 individual medals PLUS the goofy race and half PLUS the dopey medal.

Sammy Jo was so excited about this she text'd me about 60 seconds after it was posted on the website hahaha It is so fantastic to have someone else in my life as insane as I am about these races. Although her and I might need to start our own side job to make money to do all these.

Registration opens April 9th. I have until then to talk myself off the ledge....the 10k does sound pretty phenomenal though....

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