Sunday, March 10, 2013

Starting From Square One

I so love this! 

So this week has been crazy. I only got to run a little Saturday and today. Yesterday was okay. Only 2 miles and I had to be really really careful because there was black ice all over the place. I could not handle an injury. Speaking of which, the outside of my patella feels much better, I think it was probably for the best that I rested this week. Then I had to work the Health and Wellness Expo at the CT Convention Center. It was an absolute blast. I wished there had been more fitness vendors though. It was more health oriented.

Sammy came over last night and we talked about the Wine and Dine Half Marathon. I am so excited she is training for her first half with me! I feel so honored! We will be running together Wednesdays and one weekend day. We figured out where we want to stay and how long. So the saving begins! I can't wait to make dining reservations! I definitely will do the 5k the morning of the half. (And I'm still trying to figure out if I can make it down to do the TOT 10k! eee.) I am so excited! Finally something else to look forward to! 

Anyway, my run today felt amazing. 3.05 miles in 40 minutes. Unfortunately half the sidewalks still don't exist so there was more stopping than I had planned because of cars going by so close. Still I am working my way safely back up to 13.1 before the Wine and Dine so I am not upset at the time it took me. I do not want to injure my knee again/any worse.

This week I begin cross training, adding more water into my diet and having small snacks throughout the day.

As a closing note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ERIN from For the Love of Disney Running !!!

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