Sunday, March 3, 2013

Second Star to the Right and Straight on 'Till Morning!! (Tuesday)

Mission Completed! I did it! I finished my first half marathon! I can actually breathe now. I don't know why I was so worried in the first place. It felt amazing (a little painful, but amazing). My whole vacation was full of firsts for me.... 

I finally got my hair done the day before we left (MONDAY), it had been probably over 8 months since the last time I stepped foot into a hair salon. JCPenny Salon is amazing. Please give them a try if you can. I was a little skeptical but I am so incredibly pleased with the outcome. I hope others will give them a try too. Great staff, very attentive and genuine. The lady I had was completely honest with me about what color my hair pulls when the highest lift is placed on it.

So besides that Tuesday AM before my flight I spent some time with my best friend. We were doing what we do best.... Sleeping! I knew I would need to sleep as much as possible now, plus some last minute errands.

I went and got my luggage from TJ Maxx. Huge adult sized suitcase. No more duffle bags, thank you. Packed and got ready for my flight. I had read on a blog somewhere that you should pack anything you must have immediately when you land in your carry-on. For me it was my sneakers, both pairs of Nike Air Max 2013's. If I were to lose my luggage I could buy leggings and shirts and other things but I could not replace my sneakers for the race. The flight was pretty good; it seemed fast, we got to MCO on time even with a delayed take off. I did have a very strong Jack and Coke (Zero) while on board. As a reminder to myself, I will ask to pour it myself next time. When we landed we got our car from Dollar. What a beauty, it was a 2012 Ford Fusion. 

We spent our first night at the Swan and Dolphin, one of my favorite resorts. It was beyond gorgeous that evening. I have never seen the causeway between the 2 resorts lit up this way. It is the perfect "Welcome".

We walked from our hotel to the Boardwalk to grab some snacks and a drink or two. This is my favorite location on WDW property. My father played basketball and won a jersey for my brother on his first try! So impressive!!

We stopped by Boardwalk Joe's and the sad little Boardwalk Bakery stand they have because of refurbishments.

I kept telling my father how badly I needed veggies and found this little gem! A little veggie container with hummus  carrots, cucumbers and a single tomato (which is fine with me I don't care for tomatoes) at the makeshift boardwalk bakery tent.

The margaritas are 'Marvelous' by the way. This is the Wildberry Margarita I believe. SO TASTY! We then went back to the Swan and Dolphin. 

My father and brother had eaten at Todd English's Blue Zoo the last time they were in Disney and raved about it. So we decided to stop for a drink. This is one of the two negative part of my vacation. As a side note, I have seen the show with Ann Burrell on the Food Network Channel where she brings in chef's who want to work at upscale restaurants. Well Todd English was on the first episode. (He is incredibly handsome by the way.) But I noticed his demeanor and his management style meant serious business, I mean his NAME is on each of his restaurants, you can't mistake who's establishment you are eating at. I had been dying to go here. My parents and I went into the lounge/bar area and sat down at the bar. The wall behind the bar is out of this world, there are 'fish' swimming in a school its shimmery and bold and is one of the coolest and well done pieces I have seen. The bartender we got was very nice.  I cannot remember his name but boyyyyyy was that house margarita strong. As we were sitting there enjoying 'last call' the other waitresses and female bartenders start closing out their tables and such. They were so rude and so negative and made me feel so uncomfortable that I will not be going back. Look, I get a long shift, I get a long day. I get crappy customers. But to piss and moan about how stupid tourists are and to have a group sitting within earshot just ruined my night. I didn't even finish my margarita and wanted out. I felt bad for the male bartender, God only knows what he has to put up with. I was very displeased with the whole staffing atmosphere. You are on Disney property and have one of the most famous, world renowned Chef's as your boss and THAT is how you act... sorry.... no. Not cool. Those 'stupid tourists' are paying your bills. 

To end the night we stopped by Picabu. This is where the Swan and Dolphin really redeemed themselves. I had the most amazing chicken burrito, my father got a Mahi Mahi burrito. Thank you to the lady making them, you are a saint. It was just what I needed before falling asleep on the best beds on Disney soil.

I figure this post is long enough plus my laptop is dying and Blogger wont let me 'save' anything. I'll get into the Animal Kingdom Lodge and the races in the next one.

See ya real soon!

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