Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cinderella's Royal Family 5k

Friday 2.21.14

I had laid my clothes out the night before to make sure I had everything. Sammy and I had decided to dress up as Gus and Jaq from Cinderella. I ended up purchasing my very first Sparkle Athletic skirt to complete my outfit. I'm not obsessed.

The next morning we met Kristy and Kelly and Anne at the bus stop. Kristy was dressed as Elsa in the most gorgeous get up I have seen! Kelly was Belle and had Kristy make her tutu, roses and all! We were all dressed and fabulous. 

When we arrived at EPCOT's parking lot we met up with Brandi so I could give her her 5k bib. She was dressed as the most adorable Snow White. I was really impressed with her entire costume.

We made out way back towards the corrals as everyone danced I just stood around. I feel like such an oddball when I do but I can't dance in the morning. See me at Wine and Dine and I will have more energy than anyone will know what to do with! Morning time and me...not so much.

Both Kristy and I dropped back to D to be with Sammy and Kelly. 

Gus and Jaq ready to conquer!

So ready to get the show on the road!

And we were off! We stopped at the first character we saw which happened to be Atta. 

And by that time we were already a mile in.

I noticed a puppy friend getting a drink and had to snap a photo of her!

Mushu and Mulan were out in China but Sammy and I opted for Selfies and passed up the long line.

We did stop to see our girl Jasmine in Morocco though.

And then Mile 2, the course was flying by! 

We were feeling great and couldn't wait to finish strong!

The finish line was in sight!

Wooohoo! Part 1 of 3 completed!!!

I know people make comments about the 5k medallions but I love them and they mean as much to me as the hardcore half marathon ones. 

Finishers! AND to make it even better BOTH Gus and Jaq were on our medallions!

Sammy decorated our window so pretty. <3

Sammy and I changed and got in the car to go to the Polynesian. We had breakfast reservations at Ohana. I couldn't remember if I have done the breakfast but I was excited to eat!

I love everything about this resort.

I am very sad they are redoing the lobby, I just hope they will keep some of the ambiance that has made the Polynesian so amazing and in my opinion unmatched over the years.

After we were seated we had delicious bread brought to the table. I downed some very fast as I was starving.

At Ohana's breakfast you see Mickey. 

And Pluto...

And Lilo...

AND my personal favorite Stitch!

The food wasn't bad, but truthfully was not overly amazing. However it DID hit the spot after a 5k.

The runnerslove meet up happened later that day...but it was so epic it really needs it's own post. 

Stay Tuned.


  1. Awesome recap, and that is so fun that Gus and Jaq were on the medal too!! I agree with you about the medallions, even though they aren't 'medal' they are still adorable and still represent 3.1 miles of running! Running is a great feat, no matter the distance! Great job!!

    1. Thank you! It was a wonderful coincidence!

      I completely agree with your thought process as well! :)

  2. I love the 5k medals. They may "just" be rubber but I always want to see what the design is, whether or not I'm participating in a race that weekend.

  3. You two are SO cute! The disney 5K medal was the first one I EVER earned so I always like them too. I wish I had known you went to Ohana for breakfast after the 5K cause we were right around the corner at Kona Cafe!

    1. Thank you :) hahah
      Same here, Mickey and Minnie's Royal Family 5k was my first medal ever last year. It holds a special spot in my heart.

      UGH! I wish I had known too! I would have said hi!

  4. Great recap, Meg! And, I love this: "I know people make comments about the 5k medallions but I love them and they mean as much to me as the hardcore half marathon ones." Couldn't agree more :)

    1. See! I knew other people felt the same way! :) Finishing is finishing no matter what it or the medal looks like :)

  5. GREAT the characters at 5k ROCKED..... truth be told I wasn't thrilled with who we had at the 10k. Live and learn. I love the Poly too..... You made cute mice.

    1. Thank you! I was actually "eh" about the 5k characters and was SO PUMPED to see Jiminy Cricket, although that was really it at the 10k...hmm. runDisney might need to step it up.

      Thank you :) Mice are always fun to be :)