Thursday, March 13, 2014

Save the Best for Last

My last day in Disney I woke up around 10am. I ended up being really frustrated for wasting part of the day but I know my body needed sleep. By the time I made it to EPCOT the pavilions were open. I stopped by Mexico to enjoy the delicious nachos and of course a margarita as well.

I had made a Fast Pass for EPCOT's Character Spot to continue my Graduation gift for Ryan.

I got to visit with Mickey...

 And Goofy...

And of course Minnie!

As I made my way back to Mexico and another margarita I saw Donald! The line was maybe 5 people deep so I hopped on in.

As I was making my way around the world I noticed the line for Mulan was 3 people deep and there was still a 15 minute wait...pfft what am I doing that I can't wait 15 minutes? I am so happy I did. First off, Mulan is GORGEOUS. SERIOUS woman crush on her. Second, when I told her about Ryan she asked if he would help her defend China once he was done with Basic Combat Training. <3

I had to stop at the American Adventure. It sure means something entirely different to me now. Hooah!

As I passed through Japan I noticed a little Zen Garden.... I think that's what I need in my life. A Zen Garden. Funny how you never notice the little things right in front of you, until you have time.

I began getting hungry and decided that there would never be a better time to stop by the Spice Road Table.

I got incredibly lucky and snagged a table along the water outside.

I'll leave the indepth review for a Taste Bud Tuesday but I will definitely be returning if that give you any indication of my love for this new spot.

I ended up seeing Aurora in France and took advantage of the fact that she wasn't taking a nap.

I took full advantage of my freedom on this day and spent however much time I thought I needed. I ended up having my phone make it to 1% battery when I hit the United Kingdom. I walked into Rose and Crown and saw an outlet in between the two bathrooms.. So I took a seat and charged my phone.

As I excited Epcot I thought about where I needed to go. I had 2 more Quick Service meals left and thought making it to Earl of Sandwich would be the best use of my time..well...Disney Transportation thought otherwise. I hopped on a bus to Port Orleans and was going to take a boat to Downtown Disney.

I've never been to Port Orleans French Quarter. I've stayed at Riverside but this was a whole new adventure to be had.

I immediately fell in love with Port Orleans and will make this another stop on my Disney Home Away From Home.

It took almost 45 minutes to get a boat to DTD but once I did it was such a beautiful ride. I met two ladies on vacation, sisters who just flew in that day. They were triathletes and easily in their 60's. Power to them. They were adorable.

Since the new boat dock is near Paradiso 37 I figured a margarita was in order.

I enjoyed the sights and sounds as I wandered towards Earl of Sandwich. I quickly ordered and headed for the buses. I needed to meet Sammy back at the room for the "Last Supper".

When I got back to the room Sammy was less than 5 minutes behind me. I put my sandwiches in the fridge and we got in the car to head to the Captain's Grille. I had initially planned on spending the rest of the night at one of the parks.

I wasn't as impressed with this meal as meals past at the Captain's Grille. The chicken was good but obviously very small and there was a pathetic amount of veggies to accompany it.

The dessert however blew me away. I got the s'more tart I believe it is called. So tasty and delicious. The perfect end to my vacation.

All in all I have to say this was one of the most amazing trips I have ever had to Walt Disney World. I met amazing people and formed new friendships that I think will withstand the test of time. I ate at new restaurants and tried new things. And I had a phenomenal race weekend pushing limits I didn't know I could push.

I cannot wait for next year.


  1. I have always loved Mulan, and now I do even more after her Army statement!! Hooah!!

    I am dying to stay at French Quarter. Plus I hear they have beignets, and I love me some beignets! :0) haha

  2. I loved meeting Mulan. She called my dad a strong warrior. And I thought of you when I had Mexican food for dinner this weekend. All I needed was a margarita.

  3. I've never just walked around by myself and felt okay with it. After reading your update I need to do it :) I must fastpass for the characters next time too.

  4. We stayed at POFQ for Wine & Dine and really enjoyed it. I'd definitely stay there again! Although the beignets weren't nearly as good as the ones I got at Disneyland. Maybe it was just an off batch? Thanks for sharing all your gorgeous photos!