Saturday, March 22, 2014

Reebok All-Terrain Series Footwear

Okay. What if I told you there was a pair of shoes that were so revolutionary, so different from EVERY other shoe that you would have your mind blown.

Well, I guess it would kind of be like telling you about Spartans. They were also revolutionary for their time. Spending years and years perfecting the art of battle, living and breathing it.

Lucky for you and unlucky for the Spartans (of past), Reebok teamed up with the Spartan Race and created the most bad ass pair of shoes ever.

Watch this video if you don't believe me.

Teeth on the toe to stop you slipping when climbing a wall...
Rope guard on the inside and outside...
Ports to drain mud and water on the sides...

COME ON! The drainage ports sold me personally, there is nothing worse than slushy shoes.

These sneakers run between $110-$120 and are now available for purchase, you can find them on 

What do you think of these shoes? Would you ever purchase them? Do you do Spartan Races or Trail/All-terrain running?

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