Saturday, March 8, 2014

Enchanted 10k Race Recap

Saturday 2.22.14

The Enchanted 10k is the second race on the brand new 10k course through EPCOT. Knowing where your running the night before a race certainly helps with the jitters you can have. I laid out my outfit the night before and couldn't wait! Sammy and I were running as Anastasia and Drizella.

When we got to the EPCOT we had to take a candid shot. Kristy was Cinderella in Rags, Sammy as Anastasia and I was Drizella. Probably the best shot of any of the races.

I couldn't wait to start this race! I felt like an awesome bad-ass dressed as a villain.

Let's go DJ, let's go!

Less than a mile in, ELSA greeted us with some 'snow'!

And the White Rabbit was there too!

Although I already had my photo with Pocahontas last Princess Half I CAN NOT SAY NO TO MEEKO. I have an unhealthy obsession with him.

The next miles flew by...

And before we knew it, Jiminy Cricket was waiting in Italy for us!

I don't care if this makes me a creeper. These two had the hands down, best costumes of the entire race. Mulan and Mushu. Mulan even made Styrofoam disks to carry.

Before we knew it, we were .2 miles away from the finish line!

Damn Fairy Godmother all leaving and stuff... All I wanted all weekend was a photo with her. She's a fast one though!

In true Drizella style.

Ahhhh the good stuff. Heavy medals...

This time after we finished we needed to follow the signs for the Glass Slipper Challenge.

We were ushered into lines similar to those at a slaughter house I believe, but hey, if it means more bling, I'm a farm animal... Moo.

They had a wall up for the Inaugural Glass Slipper Challenge Princesses and it was MUCH easier to find my name this way than at the Expo.

I love this medal. The purple of the lanyard is gorgeous.

Job well done runDisney. Even a little gem in the coach.

I have to give a shout out to Brigid at A Princess Prerogative, not only did she do this bow within a very tight time frame but it might be my favorite one yet!.

After we got back and showered and changed we had breakfast. I thought Sammy would want to sleep so I let her know I'd be running to the expo and would be right back. I was SO excited she said she wanted to go too. I'd spent enough time alone in Disney. I like company.

We stopped and took photos of the boards with the medals enlarged. I love these.

Of course I had to rep the Army at the Glass Slipper Challenge one. HOOAH!

We were walking the familiar red carpet again.

The expo was beyond packed today, but I had shopping urges and needs...and Sammy was on a mission to find the perfect arm sleeves for her Perla costume.

After walking around I had secured a brand new Armpocket that now would be able to hold my iPhone 5s Phone WITH an Otterbox on it. A roll of KT Tap and a stick of Body Glide, and yes. I did buy the Champion Minnie Mouse Marathon Bra. I am in love with it.

I'm pretty sure it's safe to say I have Puppy Radar becuase I found this cutie taking photos and kicking ass in the adorable neck-dress she had on. When I noticed that she was a service dog for someone working for TAPS I fell even more in love with her. Check out TAPS it is a fantastic Non-Profit working to help the survivors of those who have passed in the military. They are just like Team in Training and the other charities who have bibs if you raise money for them. I will sure be looking into this personally. I love anything that helps our Armed Forces and their families.

Afterwards we headed back to Pop to drop our stuff off. Sammy was able to find the cutest arm sleeves by the way. So success was had on all fronts. 

We had made reservations with Racing the Dream, the same group we went to Boma with in January. 

I have never eaten at Beaches and Cream but was excited to try it.

When we arrived in the lobby of the Yacht club I noticed there was a Captain! I had to make friends!

We sat at a booth with 4 other people and had a good time talking to them. I got a cheese burger and truthfully was NOT impressed. I finished the meal with a vanilla milkshake and realized I probably should have just stuck with ice cream even though I was hungry walking in there initially.

I love everything about the Yacht and Beach Clubs. The decor is so perfect.

We had a great time with everyone. This photo was taken by Liz, even though she's in the photo, it's with her camera <3

We needed to get back to rest for our big big day! The Princess Half Marathon was only hours away.


  1. Mulan has totally moved up in my must do race costume. DDD maybe! Great recap Meg!

    1. RIGHT! I was so impressed! You should totally do it. I was looking at her traditional pink/purple/blue dress kimono thing. I might need an intervention though. If the Kimono is as comfortable as I think it is, I might never wear anything else...

      Thank you :)

  2. Great costumes, can't wait to see what y'all ran in for Princess :)

  3. What a fantastic time! I LOVE all of the pictures! Presh. :)

  4. You look so cute in your costume, and that bow is the perfect touch! The Mulan & Mushu costumes are pretty awesome, too. Wish I could see the front of their costumes :0) Also, Pocahontas kind of looks like a statue in that photo with her pose and everything lol!

    PS - where did you get that Army shirt? I need one!!

    1. Thank you! Isn't the bow fantastic!!!!

      I know :( I was trying to be a creeper and not freak them out, truth be told I have like 25+ photos on my phone of them YIKES hahah

      Pocahontas did, she stands very straight when taking pictures, it must take a lot of work to prepare for that.

      There is an "army barracks" store a couple towns over. It's only like $11-$12 bucks, if you want one i'll totally grab one and send it to you :)

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  6. LOVED your recap, great photos. How in the world did I miss all those medal banners...serioiusly feel like an airhead. And I LOVE Warrior Mulan who is completely bad ass...I mean who doesn't like Donny Osmond's "Let's get down to business....". Makes me want to kick some Hun booty!

    1. Thank you :) It's easy to miss them, they were off to the right as you entered the area of WWoS near that big globe, one track mind though I skipped them the first day I went to the expo. I needed that runDisney merch bad.

      Isn't her costume kickass! I have been singing the song ALL morning hahaha