Friday, March 7, 2014

#runnerslove Meet Up

No matter how much I talk about it, no matter how many photos I cannot ever compare to how it felt to actually be there.

So after our breakfast at Ohana, Sammy and I went back to the room to relax. I started getting all the giveaways together, we ended up using Sammy's backpack, Kristy's medium duffle bag, 2 of the clear race bags and part of my purse. 

We. Had. So. Much. Stuff. 

Kristy my BRF (best running friend) at Kristy Runs Kato and I worked pretty darn hard for y'all to walk away with some awesome swag!

Again on this day the monorails were down so Sammy and I took a bus to the Magic Kingdom and waited for a bus to the Polynesian. It was beyond fabulous that we were 3 people in front of Carolyn and her entourage. Thank you, thank you ladies for helping us carry all the goodies!

We had a blast on the bus ride to the Poly with them and I feel like I have made a huge group of new friends that I am so excited to see around the state at races!

(Disclaimer: I am an awful friend and blogger, I cannot remember who I saved these photos from. I know some are from Stephanie at Goober Monkey, A TON are from Karen at Losing the Glass Slippers, Andi (I don't believe she has a blog, but she is awesome!) and Carolyn at Royal Runner.)

My genius self picked the spot near the construction of the new villas at the Poly.

Kristy started us off with a background of how we found each other. *sigh* hahaha but no really, she's like my other half. I then spoke about and their mission. Y'all know I had to!

We cannot thank everyone for coming out and we hope you all had an absolute blast! Next time we will plan better and be able to actually chat with everyone!

Carolyn is like the other third of #runnerslove, this girl loves it and breathes it. <3

Brandi is an awesome runDisney Princess! Love her!

Here are the winners with their swag!

Someone walked away a HUGE winner!

Ahhh! Hi Andi!

Sadly Megan Biller couldn't make it, but she donated to our fabulous cause! The Runners Guide to Walt Disney World

 Trying to organize the giveaways.

Andi's winnings! Road ID, Armpocket and Greeper Laces!

LOVE LOVE LOVE these ladies <3

Everyone is set to carry their phones after this meet up! Armpocket and HBTune!

It may be wrong, but I want to put the two of them in my pocket. Yup, I said it. In. My. Pocket. They are the cutest things ever. I love Meranda and Lacey from Fairytales and Fitness. Meranda walked away with a prize from One More Mile and Lacey has one of the fabulous bracelets from MudLOVE!

Sweaty Bands and Bondi Bands! Hair will be under control with these two! <3

Aw The Disney Groom with Pro Compression and his Disney Bride with her Bondi Band! They are at Running Happily Ever After!

Jill with her Knuckle Lights!

Nuun Hydration and Armpocket!

Women's Running Magazine!

Muttstri! I own this shirt and it is absolutely amazing!

Carolyn with her Pocket Fuel.

MudLOVE Bracelet: Fear Not!

Connie and her brand new Barefooters!

Andrea with her KT Tape.

Dee Dee with her Knuckle Lights and more Barefooters!

JJ with her Sonic Endurance swag!

Erin might not be from CT but she is reppin' Hartford Track Club and Sonic Endurance here!

Vanessa loves her Headsweats Visor!

(Taken from Vanessa's Blog)

We LOVE Patty!

Kristy was handing one lucky lucky man his A Princess Prerogative bows!

One of my favorite parts of the day was Debbie from Running Princess showing up with three beautiful pink bags of goodies! Thank you again Debbie! It was a blast to chat with you!

If you have photos of you with your raffle prizes and they are not on here would you send them to me please! I'd love to show a huge virtual hug of gratitude to our sponsors!! :)

We had so much fun, there were SO many of you there that although I remember your faces and definitely know your names, I cannot for the life of me put the two together. I am very sorry. I cannot wait to see everyone again.

Kristy and I want to share some banners for you to use. We will be coming out with a photo you can use to put on the sidebar of your blog as well :)

Share the #runnerslove!

Once we got back we were definitely tired. Sammy Kristy and I went to grab some dinner and early to bed for our next race, the Enchanted 10k. As I've stated before, Mexican food is usually the way I go when I pick a dinner the night before a race. It gives me the protein and carbs I need. I noticed the Popping Nachos on the menu and instantly was hungry.

You can't tell me this doesn't look amazing.... I actually want some right now.

And to cap off the delicious meal I did indeed enjoy this Oreo Mickey cupcake.

Going to bed after such a phenomenal day is hard, but we had the Inaugural Enchanted 10k to run!


  1. BooHoo, I'm still regretting missing this meetup! What a great time and wonderful prizes and awesome friends! If you do a repeat for Wine & Dine, I'm heading down without any kids so I will make sure to make it!! :)

    1. We missed you big time! It was so awesome to bring together so many people. I'm proud of them men that braved an environment with all that estrogen :)

      You will definitely be there for Wine and Dine. I will NOT accept anything less!

  2. #runnerslove is so awesome! So glad you and Kristy were able to make this happen! Even though my runs were not as magical as I wanted meeting you guys and the #runnerslove group made it super special! I CANNOT wait until the Wine & Dine meet-up! ♡♥ #runnerslove ♡Andi :)

    1. Thank you Andi <3 We are happy we were able to pull it off hahah. So pumped to see you again for Wine and Dine, more time to hang out then!! :)

  3. Where is that cupcake from?! I need it in my life when I go to Wine and Dine.

    Oh, and that whole #runnerslove deal was pretty awesome too I guess =P Or, like, one of the highlights of my trip. Just wish I could've spent more time with you and Kristy! Y'all are such amazing people and I just want to be best friends with both of you and share life stories! There we go, now I sound like a creeper, but it had to be said =P

    1. The cupcake was at the Pop Century food court. It was SO good.

      Aww you're so sweet!

      hahahahahahahaahha I love it! I think I can speak for both Kristy and I when I say we'd love to spend more time with you too hahaha. No creeper status there. hahahah

  4. Aww you are so sweet! Thank you so much! We had a blast. You and Kristy did such a great job organizing the meet up! I am sad I won't be there for wine n Dine! You need to come down for TOT! I have more pics of products and the meet up that I will post soon!

    1. I'm glad you had a good time!

      I'm still toying with TOT but I'm not sure I'll be able to swing it :(

      I can't wait to see your pictures!!! Thanks again!

  5. I am AMAZED at how many giveaways you were able to get together. Congrats on a job amazingly well-done. It's so cool to see an awesome group of women come together in a positive way over a shared love. AND I need to be there next time. No ifs, ands, or buts!

    1. Kristy and I were just as surprise hahahah

      Thank you so much! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU! I WILL SPEAK IN ALL CAPS UNTIL THEN! Well not all the time, but I'm so pumped!!!

  6. GAAAAAAh! I am so sorry I missed it, just too much going on and too many peeps to catch up with and yeah, had to rest p for the races. #runningbloggerproblems What an AMAZING meetup, y'all had some great prizes really a ton and WHAT A TURNOUT. Nice job ladies and love your Runnerslove sidebars too.

  7. WOW looks like the #runnerslove meet-up was an amazing time! I seriously can't wait for the one at Wine & Dine later this year!! When y'all come out with a blog button, is it ok if I put it on my blog even though I haven't been to an event yet?

  8. I just joined the #runnerslove group on facebook! I'll be at the Wine & Dine and I seriously can't wait to meet everyone! It looks amazing!

  9. THANK YOU guys again for hosting such a great event! It was a lot of fun and I'm still in awe of how much stuff you gave away! The construction was, at least, entertaining... we may or may not have been running numbers on how long before the guy on the Bobcat ran into the water. ;)