Sunday, March 2, 2014

"She just told us about her colonoscopy, I think we've passed the boundaries of 'too personal'."

Wednesday 2.19.14

Sammy and I woke up to have a delicious Bounty Platter breakfast at the food court of Pop. Afterwards, she headed to work and I knew Kristy would be arriving around 11am. I couldn't wait to meet her and truthfully was incredibly nervous. Read more about our relationship here.

I couldn't wait to meet her! It's hard to express what it's like to only talk to someone through Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and text and feel like you have known them your whole life, only to have never met in person. When Kristy and Anne her sister were done checking in I gave them both the biggest hug! I couldn't believe Kristy and I were FINALLY getting to meet!

Kristy then informed me that we had ADJOINING ROOMS! I couldn't contain my excitement!!! 

Before our trip Kristy had told me how she and her sister had wanted to go to Typhoon Lagoon their first day there....Well if you haven't figured it out by now I have spent the entire last 11 years of my life beside a pool and do not actually enjoy spending my time not getting paid at one. The benefits of being a full-time lifeguard. Well I figured I'd rather spend time with them than alone. When I informed my mother she was so excited I asked if she would go suit shopping with me. All I own are stretched out, chlorine disintegrated guard one pieces. We found a suit for me about 2 weeks before and that helped me get excited.

Don't get me wrong, I do love Typhoon Lagoon, just not really the swimming part. Well let me tell you. I cannot remember the last time I had that much fun! It only reassured how perfect Kristy and I were as friends. I felt like we honestly had known each other for years. We got each others humor and just were completely in sync.

After a ride on the lazy river we hit some of the slides, swam in the wave pool and completed our day swimming with the sharks. I had a panic attack the entire time my face was in the water. A mini hammerhead shark came WAY too close to me and I definitely panicked hahaha I was happy that Kristy and Anne didn't want to go around a second time.

After we got back to the room I showered and we got ready for our dinner that night in Japan at Teppan Edo. We were all extremely excited! Sammy was going to meet us in EPCOT and I couldn't wait to spend time with all three ladies.

During one of our training run conversations, Kristy had told me her sister had a special surprise for me and Sammy. Being the airhead that I am, I got nervous thinking she meant strippers. Yes. I really did think that. I got a little nervous thinking about how I was going to tell Miguel or would I. How would the strippers get on property... I was floored when she presented this beauty to me.

The tag reads "From one Princess to another, congrats on a job well done!" Such an incredibly sweet surprise. I am treasuring this tiara. Anne did all of our hair, she gave me a Rapunzel themed crown braid around my head. I am so in love with this and will have to try it myself. It felt amazing and was so cool looking. We were so excited to get to EPCOT and meet up with Sammy!

When we got to EPCOT we stopped by Club Cool and tried a couple of samples of soda. I wondered if Ryan had tried Bibo when he was in South Africa. He hadn't, but it was very very good! There were only a couple I wasn't a fan of and no, I did not try Beverly.

I loved that we all had our crowns on.

Our dinner experience was fantastic. This is one of my favorite meals on property. I loved having Sammy and Kristy and Anne to spend the time with. 

The green tea cheesecake is always the best way to end any meal. So tasty!

After leaving EPCOT Kristy and Ann got to experience the Boardwalk because that is where Samantha had parked. We got drinks at Joe's Margarita Stand and called it a night. Another perfect day in the happiest place on earth.


  1. So much fun!!!! I loved reading about you finally meeting Kristy. You two are perfect together!! If I hadn't known, I would have thought you had known each other for years. :)

    1. I know, it's pretty mind boggling! We had such a blast <3

  2. Awww!! I just totally re-lived that day through your post!! Miss you so much!!

  3. So fun - I LOVE those tiaras!! You ladies look like soul sisters in those pics... it's like you've been friends forever! I hope I get the chance to meet more of my friends from the blog-o-sphere in person! We should definitely meet up at Nike Women's in April :0)

    1. We definitely are like sisters, it's insane <3

      WE HAVE TO MEET in April <3

  4. You can swim with sharks at Disney? I've never heard about that... not that I'd do it. Let's just say Jaws scarred me.

    1. You can, they are mini sharks but still i freaked out hahaha Glad I did it though. haha