Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tasty Tuesday Link Up - Yak and Yeti Review

So if you haven't have figured it out by now. I LOVE FOOD. Especially when I'm on vacation at Walt Disney World. I pretty much started running there so I could eat more! (Okay not 100% true but kinda.)

This past runDisney weekend, Princess Half Weekend, my BRF (Best Running Friend) Kristy over at Kristy Runs Kato made reservations at Yak and Yeti at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Yack and Yeti was always a building I'd pass when visiting the Animal Kingdom but never made the effort to look more into it.

The decor when you walk in where the hostess stand is located is still light and airy with a hit of what's to come. You can see the way it works with the rest of the Animal Kingdom Park.

And then you walk into the actual restaurant, its jaw dropping. It's almost like you are transported to Anandapur. 

Although I did not take part in any specialty drinks they sure have some fun sounding ones!

There are so many different options I wasn't sure what I was going to choose.

I chose to go with the Crispy Honey Chicken (in the wok section of the menu). As I type this I am still salivating over it. You are given the choice of white rice, brown rice or fried rice....well of course I went with fried rice. When in Anandapur... Oh that's not the saying is it... The chicken was so moist and flavorful. The honey on the actual chicken was also on the vegetables so it was a nice compliment. The veggies were warm and still had a crunch to them. The only thing it needed was a little heat so Anne (Kristy's sister) and I asked for sriracha sauce. Mmm mmm mmm.

Kristy had told me about the fried wontons and told me it was supposedly heaven on a stick. The waiter also told me if I wasn't interested in getting them he would buy them for me they were THAT good. There were about 6 in total including pineapple slices and strawberries as well as a side of vanilla ice cream. I cannot actually put into words how amazing this dessert was. The wontons were filled with warm cream cheese and the cold vanilla ice cream against that is like a party in your mouth. Yes. I said it. A party. In your mouth.

I recommend Yak and Yeti to anyone and everyone going to Disney. It's become of my my new favorites.


  1. I love reviews like this! I have never been to this particular restaurant but I often see things on the Disney menus that I don't think sounds appetizing but then I come home and see people posting pictures and raving about it and then I wish I would have tried it. Can you please just go to every Disney restaurant and write a review of it for me? Then i'll know what to get next time....lol. Thank you!

    1. hahahahah I'm so glad you like it, I'm sorry I was so late to link it up.

      I do the same thing!! Truthfully since running and being at Disney more I have pushed myself to try things I may not have thought to try at one time. Plus with the dinning plan you really get to give different desserts a go.

      Oh girl, If I could make a living off of this I would in A HEARTBEAT! <3

      Until then, I got you! <3

  2. Mouth is now officially watering, and it's not even past breakfast time lol! I am making a mental note to try the food at this restaurant next time I'm in Disney. I have a ridiculous amount of food-related bucket list items at WDW!! :0)

  3. Oh that chicken looks so good. I really like how so many dishes at Disney come with fruit or vegetables. It's easier to "try" to stay healthy.