Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fit for a Princess Expo 2014

Thursday 2.20.14

Sadly, Sammy had to go to work again, but this would be her last day. Kristy, Anne and I boarded a bus bound for ESPN's Wide World of Sports at 9.23am We were surprised when the bus took right off. When we arrived at WWoS there were no lines, we were a little confused but weren't going to argue with it. When we walked in around 9.35am all the vendor booths were open and there were a handful of people.

After last years fiasco I realized we needed to hit the Official Merchandise first before anything else. I was so happy we had gotten there 'early'. This was SO much more organized and was easy to navigate compared to last year.

I'm still kicking myself for not getting this shirt for Ace. I did get a ton of good loot though. I can't wait for y'all to see!

I also loved that for the first time they had walls of participants names for each of the races. 

Time clock counting down the hours till celebration. 

I had to pick up Brandi's and Sammy's bibs so we walked over to the pick up. After grabbing Brandi's 5k bib, Sammy's 5k bib, my 5k bib and my Glass Slipper Challenge bib AND Sammy's and my team sashes and bib's we made out way back to the building with vendors and stopped to get our photo taken with the footmen.  I missed out on this photo last year because I was SO nervous.

I love this years 5k shirt and bib!

Half Marathon Team Sashes and Bibs: Team Peace, Love and Pitbulls <3 

10k Shirt and Glass Slipper Challenge Bib

Half Marathon shirt and Glass Slipper Challenge Bib

Glass Slipper Challenge shirt and bib

I really like the array of shades, they are neutral and work with my less than enthusiastic clothing choices haha.

Luna Bars were giving away inspirational posters and I had to grab one after my favorite princess! I stuck to the theme of Glass Slipper because I knew I had already done the half. I snagged a wine glass, plastic tumbler, Sweaty Band, pull over and the I Did It shirt which might be my favorite <3

After successfully spending all our cash we went back to Pop to drop off our bags and change. Kristy had made reservations at Yak and Yeti for us and I was overly excited as I had never eaten there before!

We were starving when we got there so of course I grabbed my favorite Island Margarita and some popcorn to hold me over. While walking around we saw a dance party happening! Some of the kids in this photo totally knew all the moves.

Kristy had made Fast Pass reservations for Expedition Everest for all of us and we noticed there was plenty of time to get a ride in before dinner. Kristy and her two cousins got put on a train before us so Anne and I were left alone to brave the mountain and Yeti. I think I may have laughed so hard I almost threw up. Anne was screaming, she's not a fan of roller coasters. Personally I forgot how scary this ride can be.

Magic Bands UNITE!

Anne was checking out the beat on the drums.

I don't know what I would have done without Kristy making all the advanced plans. She surprised me by saying we had Fast Passes for the Safari Trek. (She's the best!) I hadn't been on it in years and felt like a little kid.

We were so close to Zebras...

AND LIONS! Ugh I just wanted to snuggle with him.

And Ostriches too!

We certainly had worked up an appetite. I couldn't wait to eat!

I loved the decor.

The food blew me away! I ordered the Honey Chicken and Fried Rice.

Gotta love the dining plan. The fried wonton dessert was to die for.

After successfully feeling stuffed we headed towards the exit, BUT in true Meg form I noticed Doug and HAD to say hi! I got some really great photos with him. His handler commented on my shirt (which I completely forgot I had on) and told me Doug loves rescues too!

He wouldn't stop hugging me! 

My shirt says "Keep Calm and Love a Pitbull" it was a booster sale from It's a Pittie Rescue. Unfortunately I don't think you can get the shirt anymore BUT if you are looking for a best friend or maybe some other rescue shirts, hats, bumper stickers they are a great place to have your money go to!.

Kristy jumped in for the last couple photos and we did our "Doug Pose" I loved the time we got to spend with him and the fact Kristy was JUST as excited as me when she saw him. <3

Doug said goodbye and was pretending his paws were antlers like on the back of Kristy's tank. AHHHH ISN'T THE CUTENESS TO DIE FOR!

Afterwards we tried getting to the Contemporary to make the DisBroads Meetup at The Wave but just missed that bus from the Bus Stop at AK. We ended up listening to a very interesting bus driver who said he would take us to the Grand Floridian and we could hop on the monorail to the Contemporary... WELL anyone in WDW the week of the Princess Half would happily remember that the monorail tracks were being worked on from 11.30am-7pm. He failed to let us know that little gem of information. After a mini tour of the Grand Floridian pool and boat dock we decided we would have a better chance of waiting for the monorail to return to service. 

At 7pm we got on the first monorail out of the Grand Floridian. We arrived at the Contemporary late for the DisBroads meet up. There were a ton of people there! I felt bad we only swung it at the end, damn transportation. I did get to see April and finally meet Andi and Ashley and Shawna and Monica and Walter and at least 5 other people who, I love you! It was dark and I was overwhelmed I apologize!

I was so excited though that Kristy and I both put our names in Patty's silver tin of magic as I will refer to it and we BOTH won prizes! Thank you DisBroads!!! <3 

We need to get back to our rooms and rest for the night so I said my goodbyes and Kristy, Anne and I made our way back to Pop for the night.

I was SO excited for the 5k I couldn't contain my excitement!!


  1. This was such a fun (and action packed!) day!!! I LOVED meeting Doug!! He was so cute, I wish we could have taken him with us!!

    1. It was! Next time I'm asking if he can come with.

  2. Those photos with you and Dug are adorable, and the fact that you were wearing your rescue shirt makes it even more cute!!

    I haven't eaten at Yak and Yeti before, but I hear it's one of the best AK restaurants. I really need to try it out - that food looks delicious!

    Oh, and I love your Runners' Love shirt in the photo with you and the Major Domo's!

    1. It's really such an amazing restaurant and thank you :) Kristy kicked ass on those shirts!

  3. Dug is adorable! My family doesn't usually go to AK, but I think I have to now to meet Dug.

  4. Love following your Princess journey! How cute are those character pics? Looks like an amazing day!

  5. Loved your team name! I found it funny how right after seeing all those animals on the safari you mention how much of an appetite you've worked I didn't go to the Wave meet up because I thought it started at 8pm and that would have been too late for me to be out before a race ( I know i'm an old lady..haha). Had I known it was earlier I would have come over to meet everyone!

    1. Thank you! We both love our pibbles <3 Oh gosh! I didn't even think of that! Luckily I had chicken hahahah The Wave meetup started at 6- 6.30 I think, sadly we only got to spend maybe a half hour because of transportation.

      You're not an old lady! hahah

  6. Yep, it's decided. I MUST arrive on Thursday next year and get to the Expo on the first day! I so so so wanted a jacket and they were out by Friday at 1:30. :( Now I probably will end up getting a GSC one next year, so no PHM jacket for me. Boo! LOVE your pic with the carriage men, I was super nervous this year, maybe next year I won't be. LOL. EE! My favorite ride evah!! I love that pic of you and Kristy with Doug. <3

  7. Yak and Yeti looks so good! I've never thought to try it, but now that I've seen photos I'll have to make it a point to take a trip there!

    1. It was to die for Sammy, you'd love the honey chicken I got.